Diablo 4 players divided on whether or not the Ball Lighting Sorc “OP” design needs a nerf

published: 2023-10-22T18:45:46

Updated: 2023-10-22T18:45:56

After demanding improvements to the Sorcerer class, it appears that the magical entity has finally found its place in Season 2, dividing Diablo 4 players.

After its amazing arrival, Diablo 4 lost steam as fans realized the lack of features and content to keep the game going. Season 1 has arrived, but it left a lot to be desired among the player base, with many calling it “filler content.”

Diablo Season 2 has arrived, and the feedback has been largely positive. Blizzard seems to have hit the mark with the new quality of life updates and seems to have laid a solid foundation for the future.

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One of the biggest changes in Season 2 came to the Sorcerer class, with the malicious class being dubbed the “Mem” upon its launch. Fast forward to the present, fans wondered if the changes had gone too far.

New ‘OP’ Sorcerer design has Diablo 4 fans divided

As mentioned earlier, the Sorcerer class overpowered much of the player base when Diablo 4 released, a feeling that hasn’t improved after a wave of nerfs.

However, Season 2’s vampiric powers allowed the Sorcerer’s Ball Lighting to do some serious damage. It’s the point where players ask for nerfs

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Lilith can be a somewhat difficult tank commander to deal with for players whose gear isn’t up to snuff, but this player tore through her in a matter of seconds. None of their stages had a chance, and they took this boss and I threw it in the blender.

Being able to get rid of it so quickly has certainly raised some eyebrows in the community, with players divided on whether this build needs a nerf in the game A Reddit post showcases the power of construction.

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“There’s nerfing something because something is fun, and then there’s nerfing something when it’s completely broken and takes away from the whole game, which is this. It needs to be fixed and brought up to the level of the other classes.” Another commented: “And people are enjoying it? I hate when things are handed to me.

Despite cries for nerfs, the majority of the player base has championed these changes. One player summed it up perfectly: “A powerful one-time sorc that everyone wants to nerf. This is no different than a necro, rogue, or druid shooting Lilith. Anyway, the fun is having broken builds. It’s not a competitive game.”

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While players are divided on whether this build needs a nerf, the argument goes so far So It’s a good thing that it takes away other builds and classes from being able to continue holding water. Nothing has been discovered in Sorcerer that stands up to the DPS of the Ball Lighting build like this. At least not yet.

It remains to be seen whether the developers will try to balance this build, or whether they will wait until next season and change their approach to the seasonal forces that have made this build so powerful.

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