DGA details new three-year contract – Miscellaneous

The Directors Guild of America revealed more details of its new contract with major studios on Wednesday, including details about the residual streaming formula and language for the artificial intelligence.

The union reached a preliminary agreement Saturday night with the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance. The National Council unanimously approved the deal on Tuesday, and referred it to members for approval.

According to the documentThe deal provides for a 21% increase in tailings flow on the largest platforms. This comes from a new formula that accounts for international subscribers, resulting in a 76% increase in the remaining foreigners.

The deal also states that a generative AI is not a “person”, and that an AI cannot take over ordinary tasks performed by DGA members. The language will still allow AI in the filmmaking process, provided the producer consults with a DGA member beforehand.

The agreement states, “Employers may not use GAI in connection with creative items without first consulting with the Director or other DGA-covered employees consistent with the requirements of the DGA Basic Agreement.”

The union will also hold two meetings a year with AMPTP to discuss developments in AI technology.

Formerly DGA Provide some detailsIncluding that the increases in the minimum limit will be 5%, 4% and 3.5%.

AMPTP may seek to apply all of the above provisions to the Writers Guild of America, which has been on strike for more than five weeks, and to SAG-AFTRA, which began negotiating on Wednesday. Both unions said they would not abide by the terms negotiated by the DGA.

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The DGA has also had several wins for its members. Television directors were given additional paid time off to collaborate on the second part of a television episode. Direct and pay-TV directors were given an extra day to shoot one-hour shows.

The deal also sets terms for free streaming platforms, such as Tubi and Freevee, with a remaining 2% of the “employer’s total” after the initial window.

Also included are safety provisions that come in response to the shooting death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust” in 2021. The deal includes provisions for firearms training and a pilot program to recruit Safety Officers to conduct risk assessments. The latest ruling builds on an agreement reached earlier this year in Sacramento, and expands the pilot to New York and Georgia.

AMPTP has turned its attention to SAG-AFTRA, which has three weeks to negotiate a deal before its contract expires on June 30.

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