Destiny 2 game director steps down after final skin release

Destiny 2 director Joe Blackburn is stepping down after the release of The Final Shape, the upcoming expansion scheduled for release in June. Blackburn, who among other things served as lead designer for Destiny's Raid, says it's time to “pass the torch” as he heads “on a new adventure outside the walls of Bungie.”

“As a very invested Ranger before I started here at Bungie, joining the Destiny 2 team has been the privilege of a lifetime,” Blackburn said. “I am and will forever be a fan of Bungie and a believer in what the teams within its walls are capable of.”

Blackburn will be replaced by Tyson Green, a Halo player-versus-player veteran who helped create exotic weapons in the original Destiny and has been “an important part of Bungie's legacy since Myth II.”

Blackburn's departure comes at a difficult moment for both Bungie and Destiny. Back in October, Bungie was hit hard by a major round of layoffs, leading to an atmosphere that employees described as “soul-crushing.” Destiny 2 has similarly struggled with a declining player base and Various societal disputes. The final form, which was supposed to be released on February 27, has been pushed back to the summer.

Despite all that, Blackburn seem to have a generally positive reputation among fans. He's been a game director since at least 2021, having taken on the role after returning to Bungie after a short stint with Riot Games. The announcement of his departure was greeted with a heartfelt farewell on platforms like Twitter where fans thanked him for his hard work on the series.

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Meanwhile, Blackburn did not reveal his next destination, but said he plans to take a “big break” from social media. “I still have some time before I pass the torch, but while I'm looking forward to taking a big break from social media, I know I'll be seeing everyone around the Tower. It'll be great to play Destiny alongside everyone. Yours.”

As for the final form, it will be released on June 4.

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