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David Beckham He reportedly encountered his 23-year-old son Brooklyn after his new wife, Nicola Peltz, gave a candid interview with Grazia magazine.

In it, Peltz opened the headlines that she and her mother-in-law reported, Victoria BeckhamHeads were butted. The actress addressed the roots of the rumors surrounding her the dust With her wedding dress. The interview allegedly upset David.

One of the insiders said daily mail He read “Riot” to his son. “I don’t think David lost his temper with Brooklyn or had reason to speak harshly to him, but that has now finally happened,” the source said. “He went out with him and said to him, ‘We don’t do this in our family – and you know we don’t do this in our family…what happens next is up to you, but we’re done with a drama.'”

report from daily mail He also noted that Brooklyn allegedly “forgot to be Beckham”. next to wedding dress dramawhich included the Peltz not wearing a Victoria Beckham design, and the family was reportedly not seated at the “top table” at wedding The couple did not spend much time with the Beckhams after the wedding, and instead went on a honeymoon on a yacht with the Peltz family.

On Victoria’s part, the fashion designer and singer is supposed to be trying to reconcile with Peltz, although she is “confused” as to why her daughter-in-law continues to “spark rumors of hostility”.

A source said, “David and Victoria have reached out to try to make peace and find a way to reconcile.” Tell Daily mail. “David and Victoria would love to spend more time with their son and wife, and have the opportunity to welcome her into the fold, especially considering that Brooklyn practically lives with his parents-in-law.”

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Family drama is very embarrassing and uncomfortable for all parties. Hopefully Peltz and Beckham can find common ground! We root them.

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