Dave Chappelle, Snoop Dogg and Babyface at the Cincinnati Music Festival

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Everything was going as planned at the Cincinnati Music Festival Saturday night until Dave Chappelle showed up.

Norman Brown stunned the crowd with it”Soul catcherGuitar solos. Avery Sunshine lifted everyone’s spirits with warm anthems and banter with guitarist and husband, Dana Johnson. P-Funk Connection ditched the funk and The roof of the lollipop was torn off. Babyface made the whole audience sing with him, and fell in love with him all over again.

Then Dave Chappelle got on stage.

Dave Chappelle speaking for Ohio

The first time Chappelle jumped on stage, it was to introduce the headliner, Snoop Dogg:

“I just stopped by tonight to let everyone in the area know, thank you for letting me live a normal life. Thank you for letting my family be safe.” He then proceeded to introduce Snoop, “With the East Coast, West Coast feud, it’s always been Switzerland. It’s always been Team Hip Hop. Please make some noise, please make some noise for the legend, Snoop Dogg!”

After the show, after Snoop said goodbye to Cincinnati, and walked off the stage, the spotlight really got on Chappelle.

“Oh!” Chappelle called out to the dwindling crowd. Many concert-goers were booking it outside Paycor Stadium to beat the traffic. “Let’s go Ohio! From this state we can change the world. Let’s see what we can do if we get the chance. I live here. I live all the way.”

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Chappelle recently accumulated large swathes of real estate in Yellow Springs, near Dayton, and said he intends to “Restore the cultural and creative economy. “

After his short speech, Chappelle asked the drummer for a beat. After a few moments of coordinating, the comedian would sing the first verse of Rakim’s “Paid in Full.” By the time he reached the hook, Chappelle had lost his luster.

“Ohio, oh, oh, time to go. Good night.” And go.

Highlights from CMF Saturday Night

But aside from Dave Chappelle, Saturday night at the Cincinnati Music Festival was full of highlights, including honors for the late great musicians.

shouted Avery Sunshine Aretha Franklin, saying, “Every chance I get, I gotta play some Aretha,” before performing an rendition of Franklin’s “Day Dreaming” (1972). Babyface is praised Whitney Houston, launched a video of Houston performing “Exhale (Shoop Shoop)” (1995), which was produced and written by Babyface. In turn, Snoop paid tribute to the patriarchs of hip-hop, Biggie and Tupac, performing a song from each of their groups, one after the other.

However, the award for Top Vocals at the 2023 Cincinnati Music Festival went to the P-Funk Connection for their soulful rendition of their predecessor group’s biggest hit, “Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)” (1975).

Everyone at Paycor Stadium on Saturday night knew the lyrics, and everyone felt the funk.

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