Dak Prescott’s thumb fracture type means the Cowboys QB should be back sooner than expected

a Cowboys The team that prepared for life without Duck Prescott Until the second half of the season he is now working on the premise that he will be able to return in October.

This accelerated time frame depends on the type of fracture he suffered.

Surgery revealed that Prescott suffered an extra-articular fracture in his right thumb in the team’s season-opening loss to Tampa Bay, a person familiar with the procedure said. This is a fracture that occurs over the wrist joint and does not extend into the joint itself.

This injury usually carries a four to six week time frame for recovery. That’s why owner Jerry Jones announced on 105.3 the fan [KRLD-FM] On Tuesday morning, the club will not put Prescott in injured reserve, a move that will force the midfielder to miss at least four games before returning.

“If we think he won’t be ready to play four games, then after four games we will put him in injured reserve,” Jones said. “We don’t. We think he can come and play.”

Keeping Prescott on the active roster means there is an element of hope in the organization who could return for the team’s game against the Los Angeles Rams on October 9. The most likely target appears to be facing the Cowboys in Philadelphia next week.

“We are so excited after the surgery, after hearing from the doctors that Duck has a real chance to get back out there and throw the ball really fast,” Jones said.

It’s a more palatable schedule than the one the club faced before the surgery.

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Club officials initially feared that Prescott had suffered an intra-articular fracture, which affects the wrist joint and means the distal radius is fractured. Back from this injury Six to eight weeksWhich is why there are concerns that he will be out through goodbye and not return until the team’s game against Green Bay on November 13.

Now, he’ll be back before goodbye.

“I was told it was a lot cleaner than it could have been,” Prescott told reporters after the loss to the Pirates. “It is unfortunate, but I will do what I have always done when adversity comes. Take it over your head.”

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