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All Disney princesses

All Disney princesses
picture: Olga Thompson (Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images)

Now that another Disney+ day has come and gone, we can turn to the meat of Disney’s big weekend: the D23 fair, where the world’s greatest fans can catch a glimpse of things they’ve already seen before but now reimagined.

The day started with Cynthia Orivio, our new blue fairy, who reminded the audience that there is a new version of Pinocchio Memory is currently scaled up on Disney+. Continuing the notion that these kinds of things are now mainstream today, Disney Studios president Alan Bergman took to the stage to remind us that these perceptions, like the king lionAnd the Beauty and the beastAnd the CinderellaAnd the CruellaShe was “creative”. We’re assuming he meant the movies using “iconic visuals,” but regardless, more of these reimaginings and iconic sequences go down the shaft.

Then Bergman brought in the president of Walt Disney Studios, Sean Bailey to take us through the upcoming avenues for reviving the old brands.

do not worry: hocus pocus 2 And the Frustrating They are still coming

At first it was the complements. hocus pocus 2 Debuting later this month, and since we already shared the trailerwe’ll move on to announcing the other big sequel: Frustrating. Don’t Twist It With Matt Groening’s Comedy On Netflix resentment. This is the sequel to the great comedy Amy Adams fascinated from 2007. The entire cast is back, including Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Adele Dazem Idina Menzel and James Marsden. They upped the ante by adding Maya Rudolph, too. And now, there’s a trailer.

Frustrating It arrives at Disney+ on November 24, 2022.

frustrated | Official Trailer | Disney +

Reimagining the past is the future of Disney

The presentation was conducted in a circular fashion, with Billy shuffling the VIPs on stage for about five minutes, playing a clip, and then mixing them up. Next, Jude Law and crew Peter Pan Wendy He took the stage.

Directed by David Lowery who directed one of the best films of 2021, green knightand a wonderful Disney edition of house dragonAnd the Peter Pan It looks a little more elegant than the other films announced today. It’s still full of nostalgic images pulled straight from the Disney vault, but also a distinct visual style, location shooting, and fisheye lens that won’t stop. So how will this literally differ from the other References Peter pans from past twenty years? Those got theatrical versions.

New Captain Hook, Jude Law, said this version gets into “a bit more backstory” when Peter and Hook were “friends once upon a time.” But, again, it remains to be seen how this person will distinguish himself from many Peter Pans.

Perhaps the most complex aspect of the film is Tiger Lily, a character who has not been treated by Disney with much respect in the past. However, newcomer Alyssa Wapanatak said she was “extremely excited for the honor” of playing Tiger Lily. “Being able to tell the story to her was something special for me.”

Peter Pan Wendy [sigh] Disney+ hits next year.

After pushing Peter Pan to return to Neverland, Sean Bailey introduced a trailer haunted palace It was announced that Winona Ryder will be joining the cast. Director (and former Disneyland employee) Justin Simin also mentioned that, “According to TikTok, Jared Leto is playing the Hatbox Ghost. We are waiting for horror stories from his co-stars about how hard he tried to match the mailbox for the role. But really, this It is for real Hatbox heads.

“This script was funny and full of interesting characters, but it kind of looked like the dark edge,” Simin told the audience at D23. “I just really connected with it. I felt like I knew how to make it. I felt like I understood New Orleans. And of course I’m a fan. So I felt like I understood the ride, and I felt like I had a responsibility here to make sure every little detail, every Easter egg is there because I’m a nerd person.” Really much.”

Bring in Academy Award-winning Billy Barry Jenkins to peek at him Mufasa: The Lion King. Jon Favreau the king lion It made over a billion dollars, and that means people loved it. However, the animation “live action” in the . format Mufasa He probably wouldn’t turn anyone who stopped him on the last trip to Pride Lands. However, once again, Barry Jenkins is very good at making films. Here’s what Barry Jenkins had to say about the movie:

Mufasa It is the story of the origin of one of the greatest beings in the history of the Alliance. Mufasa, all caps. It is a story told in many different time frames. My companions, Timon and Pumbaa, whom we all know and love, tell the story of Mufasa and how he came to be a wonderful, adorable and adorable little cub. It is a story about how Mufasa rose to kings. Assume he was just born into his lineage. But Mufasa was actually an orphan cub, who had to navigate the world on his own. And in telling this story, we experience the true journey of how Mufasa found his place and the circle of life. It’s so cool

I felt I had to make this movie because when I was 14, I was helping raise two of my nephews. And there was a VHS tape that we watched maybe 95 times in 20 days. So I really knew this character. loved it. But when I was reading this great text, I was thinking about Mufasa and why it’s great and how great people become. That’s crazy. I’m not a king, but when I make my films, I was on stage with the Oscars moon light, And I was there and five of my best friends from college were there as well. And what the story learns is that Mufasa is the same. He is great because his family and friends are with them. And so I saw myself in it. I thought this was a really nice story to tell.

for Mark Web snow white, Gadot and Rachel Ziegler took to the stage to show some footage. There are no dwarves yet – and seeing them as they were cut from the title, who knows what their role will be. So far, it looks similar to other new versions, recreating the look of the classic cartoon. But we’ll need to see Dopey to know how scary this thing is going to look like.

Similarly, Rob Marshall invited Halle Bailey on stage to show off the little Mermaid Teaser and “Part of Your World” clip. It doesn’t seem like all the effects are done yet, but now it reminds us symbol picture A commercial advertisement for “Mermaid” from Zoolander. On the other hand, Marshall promised four new songs from Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda, and that’s something.

Pixar on Disney +

boss The Good DinosaurPeter Sohn is back and brings some clips and concept art for the next Pixar movie Racist. Son described the film as “very personal” and that the core of the idea came from his parents. “We immigrated to the United States from Korea in the early 1970s,” Sun said. They had no money, no family, no English. But they managed to create a life in New York.”

similarly, Racist The ‘Fire Family’ files are assimilated into Element City, ‘where earth, air, water and fire represent characters in our society.

More Pixar is coming in 2023 as we get more info about win or loseThe studio’s first TV series. The show stars Will Forte as coach of a minor league baseball team, The Pickles, and the week before their big game. Each episode will focus on a different character’s perspective, allowing for different styles of animation.

Pixar also announced two new features Elio And the Inside Out 2Which we wrote about here.

wait! Disney also has some anime to share

Disney Animation Studios will not be outdone. Today, they showed clips from their upcoming series Zootopia + And the Iwaji.

Zootopia + is a six-part series, like win or losefocuses on a different character and genre in each episode with different animation styles – some that look really cool and some like Pixar.

on the other side, Iwaji It is an outright historical collaboration between Disney and an outside animation studio. Jennifer Lee, Creative Director of Walt Disney Animation Studios, retold the story of how she had read about the Nigerian animation studio that was going to wipe out Disney. So she did like many Disney directors before her and bought the competition.

With a team from Kogali, Disney will premiere the futuristic science fiction series Iwaji Next year.

Finally, Lee directed the cast of the upcoming 61 animated feature, strange world. Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Jabuki Young White, and Lucy Liu star in an adventure in outer space about a dysfunctional group of explorers. This will be released on November 23.

strange world | teaser trailer | Walt Disney Animation Studios

“Our film is inspired by some of the great adventure stories we grew up on,” co-director Don Hall said. “Specifically, stories about a group of explorers who come across a hidden world.”

What are we most excited to discover? Jaboukie Young-White’s character, Ethan Clave, described by Young-White as a “master of the ambiance” who makes “the ambiance is great”.

And that’s everything from the animation studios D23 Expo Disney and the Pixar Show. Check back tomorrow when Disney tries to bury us under a mountain star Wars and Marvel ads.

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