Cybertruck owners say deliveries were interrupted by a bad throttle

Over the past few days, Tesla has delayed some Cybertruck deliveries. The company didn't specify the reason for the delay or even publicly comment on it, but commenters on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum reported receiving texts or calls telling them to reschedule deliveries.

1 user He said they were told By their agent that the truck was recalled because of the throttle. claimed another Tesla sent them a text message Saying it is not scheduling deliveries at the moment for the same reason. Many other people have reported receiving text messages about issues with your Car Setup.

An Elon Musk fan account called @WholeMarsBlog It was posted on X that deliveries have been halted For seven days, but this has not been confirmed, and Tesla has not responded the edgeE-mail. (The company disbanded its public relations department years ago and does not typically respond to reporters' questions.)

The problem itself could be that the accelerator pedal is prone to getting stuck. One Cybertruck owner posted a video on TikTok showing how he stuck the throttle cap on and “kept the throttle down 100 percent, with full throttle pressure.” They said applying the brakes prevented the truck from continuing to accelerate, but if they stopped it would start moving again. That's not a great situation for any truck, let alone one that weighs nearly 7,000 pounds and can reach 60 mph from a standstill in less than three seconds.

another user wrote At a Cybertruck Owners Club forum at the beginning of April, their truck accelerated toward a signal pole, apparently on its own accord, and neither the brake pedal nor the airbags worked.

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