Cowboys vs. Washington Football Team: Dallas beats Washington after winning NFC East title

After the Dallas Cowboys have stolen the entire soul of the Washington football team, that noise is the sound of it hitting the ground. The final score was actually much worse than indicated). Those who wondered if the Cowboys would be removed from the accelerator before Sunday night’s NFC East kickoff were unfortunately misunderstood, and head coach Mike McCarthy confirmed that his team had big goals, and the first to appear in the Super Bowl was to help seed the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

By knocking down the WFT, the Cowboys were number one in the conference. Only one game remains for the Green Bay Packers, who finished 2nd and first – and are unlikely to make a mistake in their final two regular-season matches. For Washington, this is a very different picture because they are licking their wounds and trying to figure out how to end a positive note this season if they can.

The Cowboys ousted Washington with surgical precision, and one day after Christmas Ron Rivera and his unhappy men could begin to make their wish list for 2022 because Santa gave them coal in 2021.

If this is the version of the Cowboys entering the playoffs, notice.

Why the Cowboys won

They can only describe a rematch with a division rival as a snuff film. It was euthanasia in all three stages of football, and Washington went on to see their playoff hopes buried in spectacular fashion in the hands of the Cowboys. In the first half alone Prescott set the stadium on fire with 320 passing yards, four touchdowns, no interruptions, 142.6 passer rating and 21 rushing yards in four attempts, and one of his touchdowns went to Terence Steel. Absence of All-Pro Tyrone Smith. Adding two interceptions, three sacks and a defensive touchdown by DiMarcus Lawrence in the first half, it led to a 42-7 shelling before the third quarter.

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Things were not so different in the second half as the Cowboys offense warmed up a bit but the Special Teams division warmed up. Late in the third quarter, after one of Washington’s several stall drives, Corey Clement ran again, burst through the punt defense to land on Dallas’ third blocked ball, and rookie defensive lineman Sancy Colston scooped it up for a second cowboys touchdown. I received one of the blocked bonds in 2021.

It is arguable that intoxicants of choice runs the taste in dance music, playing for the WFT, and for almost two months now, it’s not just a matter of time. They climbed out.

Why Washington lost

At week 16 they found the hard way the Cowboys had not let go of the accelerator, even though they had already won the NFC East crown before the kickoff. After a random start again for the Cowboys offense on the first drive from Scrimmage, Taylor Heinke retreated for his first pass, which was inhaled by Trevan Dix for the 11th interruption of his historic season. Doug Prescott went down to the field using Mulligan and found Ezekiel Elliott for a 5-yard touchdown catch, and from there things got worse for Washington.

After another failed move by Heinicke & Co., Prescott and CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper, Ron Rivera used the big plays before the Cowboys found Dalton Schultz for a second touchdown on the field. Apparently, however, Lawrence recalled a friendly race with Prescott and decided on the defense needed to enter the final zone. So Lawrence reflected on what Randy Gregory did to Washington in Week 14, but added points to it, tipping a Heineke pass upwards and then intercepting it, driving it into the final zone to create a three-touch down lead for the Cowboys. Quarterly.

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By the time the backup quarterback Cooper Rush landed on the field just before the fourth quarter, head coach Mike McCarthy was unable to begin to read a reputation on the field. The good news for Rivera is that the Cowboys can no longer hurt his team in 2021.

Turning point

Dix set the tone early on with his interception, but Lawrence confirmed that the WFT understood that this was a demolition.

Game of Thrones

For a fat man, nothing comes first – nothing.

There is no party like the TD party

“You get a touch down …[and] You get a touch down … “- Jane Slater of the NFL Network

What’s next

The Cowboys will continue their winning streak in a crucial NFC match against the declining Arizona Cardinals, while Washington will be heading east in hopes of avoiding being beaten by the Philadelphia Eagles.

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