Court documents indicate that a new PlayStation 5 Slim will be released this year

New court documents from Microsoft in its lawsuit against the FTC reveal that Sony may release the PlayStation 5 Slim later this year.

first spotted GameRantThe document states, “PlayStation is also selling a less expensive digital version for $399.99, and the PlayStation Slim is expected to release later this year at the same reduced price point.”

If you’re familiar with Insider Gaming’s PlayStation hardware coverage, you know we’ve already covered the new PlayStation 5 in development. Set for release in September 2023, the new PlayStation 5 will have a detachable disc drive as a way to reduce the PS5’s entry-level price point. Insider Gaming understands that this new PlayStation will completely replace the original PlayStation 5 by the end of the year.

It is not clear what the new PlayStation 5 will be called, but based on the documents it is indicated that it will be called PlayStation 5 Slim.

Several months ago, sources showed off a prototype of the console to Insider Gaming on the condition that the images not be made public. Unfortunately, the initial image was of two black boxes connected via a USB-C cable to test the detachable drive feature. So we’re not sure how the final unit will turn out.

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