Could an “Earth-like” planet be hiding in our outer solar system?

Among the many mysteries that reach far into our solar system is, well, mysterious, the extraordinary egg-shaped path of a dwarf planet called 90377 Sedna.

Its orbit is 11,400 years, one of the longest ever Solar Systemtakes the dwarf planet to seven billion miles (11.3 billion km) from the Sun, then escorts it out of the solar system and passes through the Kuiper Belt to 87 billion miles (140 billion km), finally taking it inside a loose envelope of icy bodies known as… Oort cloud. Since Sedna’s discovery in 2003, astronomers have struggled to explain how such a world could form in a seemingly empty region of Earth. spaceAs it is very far from being affected by the giant planets in the solar system and even… Milky Way Itself.

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