Costco’s new CFO makes a major announcement about the store’s beloved $1.50 hot dog deal

Costco’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Gary Millerchip, spoke about the store’s beloved hot dog deal.

Millership, who became Costco’s chief financial officer in March 2024, revealed the retail chain’s plans for a $1.50 hot dog and soda combo.

Created by CNN correspondent Nathaniel Myerson Share X On May 30 regarding what Millership said about this matter.

Costco’s new CFO today: “I also want to reiterate that the $1.50 hot dog is safe,” Myerson tweeted.

Previous suggestions that the price of hot dogs might increase led to death threats from the former CEO.

Gary Millership, Costco’s new chief financial officer, confirmed on May 30 that the $1.50 price for hot dog and soda combos would not change.
CNN correspondent Nathaniel Myerson leaked the news in a post X created yesterday. Millerchip was announced as Costco’s new CFO in February 2024

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Millerchip’s announcement about the status of Costco’s hot dog and soda lineup comes just a month after its employees began a crackdown on customer access to store food courts, and with other food chains complaining that once-affordable fast food was becoming a luxury.

Costco’s $1.50 hot dog and soda combo is a popular meal deal in the retail chain’s food halls, and its price has remained the same since 1985.

The retail chain’s decision not to change the price is what Scott Moskin, a retail analyst at R5 Capital, said ABC 7 It was a “brand” and a way to remind customers what Costco was.

However, former Costco CEO W. Craig Jelinek pointed to a conversation with James Sinegal, the chain’s former CEO, about the status of combo prices.

“I came to (Senegal) one time, and I said, ‘Jim, we can’t sell this hot dog for fifty dollars. We’re losing our back ends,” Jelinek said during a 2018 interview with 425 business.

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He said: If you raise that annoying sausage, I will kill you. Find out.”‘

The company decided to find out and it seems to be working in its favor since its former CFO, Richard Galanti, claimed that the company sells 130 million hot dogs annually in 2022.

Despite this, the company decided to crack down on access to outdoor dining halls, which began at its locations on April 8.

The $1.50 hot dog and soda combination has been a popular meal at Costco locations for nearly 40 years and its price hasn’t changed since 1985.

One new rule that has social media users starting heated discussions about X is that Costco employees will need to ask to see a customer’s membership card before allowing them to make a purchase at the food court.

Costco locations with food halls have even posted signs explaining what customers need to do to buy something from one of its food halls — buy a membership.

The company offers two different memberships that potential customers can purchase website.

Anyone who becomes a Costco Gold Star member will receive two membership cards, a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and the option to shop online or at any of its store locations for $60 per year.

Those who want even more benefits can become a Costco Executive Member, which includes service discounts and a 2 percent annual bonus.

One downside for customers is that an executive membership will cost $120 per year.

X users praised the hot dog and soda range’s continuity, with one person calling it “the most stable commodity on Earth” in tweet,

Others have focused on the food court situation, with one person calling for a tweet That their closest location still allows non-members to eat there.

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Confirmation of the combo price came just one month after the company began a crackdown on access to Costco food courts
New rules were implemented at Costco restaurant locations on April 8, requiring employees to request membership cards before allowing a guest to purchase items

“Costco doesn’t make money from the food court, and hot dogs are the perfect example of that.” “User X wrote yesterday.

“The fact that a grocer is able to attract customers who do so while generating profits in other areas does not mean it is a restaurant.”

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