Colorado GOP Chairman Dave Williamson expresses his doubts about Boebert's redistricting

The leader of Colorado's Republican Party is unhappy with Rep. Lauren Bobert's (R-CO) decision to abandon her re-election bid in her home district and instead go to a district on the other side of the state that is considered more friendly to Republicans. .

“From a party perspective, we certainly don't think it's the best move,” Dave Williamson told CNN Thursday. “We felt that he was a great fit for Congressional District 3 and that he was in a great position to win re-election and retain it for the Republican Party.”

In 2022, Bobert defeated Democrat Adam Frisch by just 546 votes out of more than 327,000 votes. Bobert's current district — which has a Cook Partisan Voting Index of R+7 — covers the western and southern parts of the state, including Aspen, the fourth congressional district is mostly east of Denver and has a rating of R+13. Very conservative in the state. The district's current representative, Rep. Ken Buck is retiring.

“Time will tell whether we are right or not, but I think he has a serious challenge on his hands trying to explain to the voters. [Colorado’s 4th District] She wondered why she had to leave [Colorado’s 3rd District] And he has a better chance of keeping his seat in Congress,” Williamson said. “It's kind of a problematic concept. But that's… something for the voters to decide.

In announcing his change of plans, Bobert blamed “dark money for destroying me”.

According to a report earlier this month, high-profile donors to Frisch's campaign include actors Ryan Reynolds, Barbra Streisand and Rob Reiner, as well as Dan Henley of The Eagles. Frisch's third-quarter total of $3.38 million was nearly four times that of Boebert.

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Bobert's decision came just months after he was caught on film and ejected from a musical at a Denver theater for vaping and being a general nuisance. The congresswoman initially denied vaping before owning it.

The embarrassing incident comes after President Joe Biden jokingly referred to “that quiet Republican girl” while touting his administration's investment in clean energy jobs while at a wind farm in Bobert County.

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