CM Punk is said to be undergoing surgery, which is expected to be up for eight months

Among the many things we heard in the aftermath Everyone is outside That was AEW World Champion at the time CM Punk was injured. We finally found out about the injury Event During a PPV match with Jon Moxley, not with his friend after the media Quarrel With Ace Steel against Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. And we’re told, Punk suffered from Left triceps muscle rupture.

When this was reported, it was not known if Punk had surgery to repair the tear causing pain and immobility in the arm. Currently, Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer says: Punk had already undergone surgery “earlier this week”. He reiterated that there is “usually about an eight-month recovery period” after surgery. Bank’s doctor recommended surgery as soon as possible to prevent muscle atrophy.

The outcome of the surgery is not mentioned, but there is no reason to believe that it was not successful either. We wish Punk a speedy and full recovery, even like us I wonder about his future With AEW apparently winning Scheme Speech the irony Company management and former world champion Hangman Page in Everyone is outside presser led to Notorious already Fight backstage. This seems to be waiting for the results of a file internal investigation and Punk negotiations with AEW owner Tony Khan.

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