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The Cinderace Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet event is a special Tera Raid battle event available for a limited time. Use this guide to learn how to unlock the 7-star Cinderace Tera Raid event and how to beat it.

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Cinderace Tera Raid start time and details

According to the official Pokémon websiteCinderace will appear with the Mightiest Mark in the 7-star Black Crystal’s Tera Raid Battles. This is a tough raid battle.

Cinderace fighting a Tera-type December 29th @ 4pm PST / 7pm ET – January 1st @ 4 pm PT
FightingTera is of Cinderace type Jan 13th @ 4pm PST / 7pm ET – Jan 15th @ 4 pm PT

Cinderace during both periods will be exactly the same, and you can only catch one!

  • Sendris will have 7 stars of the Terra fighting type
  • Cinderace can be challenged repeatedly but can only be captured once.

How to unlock the 7 star Sindres raid


Like the Charizard Terra Raid battle event, there are a few things you need to do to be able to challenge Charizard Tera Raid on Pokemon Violet or Pokemon Scarlet.

  1. Get online By opening the in-game menu and pressing L. Open the Poke Portal and press + to see the news.
  2. To see 7-star black Terra Crystals in your own game, you’ll need to complete the steps to unlock 6-star raids (Complete the Ace Academy Tournament after the credits and defeat 15 Tera Raids as well.)
  3. If you haven’t completed the above, you can still participate in raids by joining Tera Raid Battles online – however you will need to Paid Nintendo Switch Online subscription. You may still have to unlock 6-star raids in a 7-star Cinderace Raid to randomly appear online. However, you can use the link icon to join someone if they have unlocked them regardless of your story progress.
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How to beat the Cinderace Tera Raid Battle event

Find details about 7-Star Cinderace’s moves below and a strategy to counter them.

Sandris is unrivaled
Writes Fighting (Terra type) – Weak in front of the soul and fairy and flying
capacity Libero (Hidden Ability – No effect when Terastalized)
  • Bulk Up – Boosts his defense and attack, he does this first in each battle, and will continue to use it
  • Pyro Ball – Fire – This move is used most often
  • Iron head – solid
  • Acrobatic – flying
  • High jump kick – fight
  • You need to use a file Level 100 Pokemon
  • Sandris You will have terra fighting type, making it Weak to psychic, fairy and plane.
  • The unparalleled Cinderace is a Physical attacker
  • it’s a defense And the private defence equal
  • We suggest using Psychic or Flying Pokemon. Unfortunately, Fairy-type Pokemon like Azumarill and Dachsbun are vulnerable to Cinderace’s Iron Head attack. We used Espathra of the psychological type.

Here are specific instructions for confronting Cinderace.


  1. Consider using Espethra. Espathra’s ability is opportunistic, raising the same stats his opponent raises. So, every time Cinderace raises her attack and defense with Bulk Up, Espathra automatically follows up. It is also very easy to obtain.
Espethra (Senderes Reed building)
Writes Psychological With tera psychic type
capacity trimmer
nature decent
retained item Shell Bell
  • Lumina crush
  • reflects
  • Helping hand
  • Quiet Mind / Feather Dance (Your Choice)
EV (voltage values) Attack 252/252 hp
  1. Get a team if you can – Or play online. It should be easier to deal with fellow trainers than NPCs.
  2. The strategy with Espathra is very simple. at the first turn, It must be used by one person reflects – This increases your entire team’s defense.
  3. Then, Cinderace attacked with Lumina crush It’s a super effective move that lowers Cinderace’s Special Defense, making all the Special Attackers on your team hit harder. Shell Bell It will guarantee you recovery during the attack.
  4. Optionally, you can use calm mind To polish the ispatha more or Feather dance To nullify Sandris’ attack.
  5. when Cinders raises her shield, you Must Terastalize and hit him with a super effective attack of the same Pokemon’s Tera Type. [[File:Cinderace Raid Screen Shot 12:29:22, 5.46 PM.png|link=]]
  6. If your Pokemon is about to pass out, consider saving your Terastalizing for when you’ve recovered – you can only Terastalize once!
  7. If your teammate got Terastalized and you can’t, use the Helping Hand on him instead.
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Sindres Terra Raid Battle Bonuses

soon! Besides Cinderace, you’ll likely collect a variety of Tera Shards, bottle caps, vitamins, and more.

  • Level 100 Sanders With ideal individual values ​​”the best”. (You can only catch one Cinderace, but you can repeat the raid for other rewards)
    • Mightiest Mark – Giving her the nickname “Cinderace the Unrivaled”
    • she has human nature
    • Her moves are High Jump Kick, Pyro Ball, Acrobatics, and Iron Head, among more.
  • TM064 – Gathering (increases ATK and DEF by 1 stage) (*only for the first time)
  • bottle caps
  • ability spots
  • Fighting Terra Shards
  • Protein, star pieces, exp. Candy L, XL and Rare Candy


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