Christina Applegate’s first public appearance of her MS diagnosis

It’s no secret that Christina Applegate He is one of the best – and in my opinion the most underrated – TV actors. I mean, from shows like Married with children for her guest-starring role friends to me samantha who? to her latest series dead to meShe’s given us some of TV’s most complex (and funniest) characters.

In celebration of Christina’s flawless work in television and film over three decades, this week she finally received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The moment was emotional for many reasons, but it was Christina’s first public outing since announcing her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2021.

At that time, she chirpHey friends. A few months ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It’s been a strange journey. But I’ve had a lot of support from people I know who also suffer from the condition. It’s been a tough road. But as we all know, the road goes on. Unless Some asshole plugs it.”

Christina’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis came to light during the filming of the final season of dead to mewhich will begin streaming on Netflix November 17 Recent interview With The New York Times, Christina talked about that filming the third season was one of the hardest things she’d ever done, but she relied on her costar. Linda Cardelliniand creator Liz Feldman and more for support.

At the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, Christina was surrounded by Linda and Liz, as well as her Married with children Based on Katey Sagal and David Faustino. Katie gives a speech before Christina takes the stage, and she gets emotional, she Tell Christina, “You’re not alone. We’re all here.”

Then Christina wire On how much it is to her to have a star on the iconic Walk of Fame. “I’ve had a really interesting life, but life began as a little girl waiting in line to see my first star Wars On this very street in that very theatre.

“And looking at these things and going, ‘Who are these people?'” What are these things? Did they do something right? Did they do something wrong? Whatever it is, I want one. I get excited about one. And I was 5 years old, so this day means more to me than you can imagine.

Then, Christina turned to her reps and collaborators, where she talked about how important it is for you to surround yourself with family.

“I’m not saying I have friends. I have a family. These people take care of me. They take care of me every single day of my life. Without them, I don’t know what I would do,” He said.

“I loved what I started with,” she said [Katey and David] and ended with [Linda and Liz]. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. You are my people. you are my Love “.

Christina finished her emotional speech as she spoke to her daughter, Sadie Grace LeNobel, say“The most important person in this world is my daughter. You are so much more than you know. You are so beautiful, kind, smart and interesting.”

“I am lucky every day to get up and take you to school… Thank you for being there for me through it all.”

After her talk, Christina took pictures, where she and Linda shared this adorable moment together that I’ll be crying about all week.

Then, she tweeted a photo of herself posing for her newly made Walk of Fame star, and explained why she was barefoot throughout the ceremony:

Barefoot. For some people with MS, the feeling of shoes may hurt or make us feel off balance. So that was me today. Barefoot

Christina Applegate / Trans Twitter: @1capplegate

Honestly, I am so happy that Christina’s hard work and talent has been recognized with this honor which means so much to her.

You can watch moments from Christina’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony below:

Christina Applegate cries as she thanks her family for always “taking care of” her as she receives her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 💖

Entertainment Tonight / Via Twitter: @etnow

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