Chess boss Hans Niemann files a defamation suit seeking $100 million in damages


cheating scandal That consumed the chess world took on its latest development as American master Hans Niemann filed a defamation suit against world champion Magnus Carlsen, among others, in a Missouri court Thursday.

In the lawsuit, Neiman and his attorneys stated that they are seeking damages of at least $100 million.

Nieman, “My claims speak for themselves” chirp With a photo of the suit.

In the federal lawsuit filed in Eastern Missouri District Court, 19-year-old Neiman stated that Norway’s Carlsen, online platform, chief chess officer Daniel Rench, and celebrity player Hikaru Nakamura, were “grossly defaming him and illegally colluding to include him in The blacklist of the profession he has devoted his life to.”

Neiman is suing the accused for defamation and defamation, among other allegations.

Neiman also states that the defendants’ actions caused “devastating damage,” and that since Carlsen made the initial fraud allegations after the duo met at the Sincofield Cup in St. responded to the lawsuit with a statement from their attorneys, Nina Mohebi and Jimmy Wayne. The statement notes that is “sad” about Neiman’s decision because the lawsuit “harms the game of chess and its loyal players.”

“Hans publicly admitted cheating online in the aftermath of the Sinquefield Cup, and the consequences of that are of his own making,” the statement adds. “As reported in the October 2022 report, has historically dealt with Hans’ previous cheating privately, and was not forced to clarify his position until after he spoke publicly.”

“Hans’ allegations are not justified, and looks forward to making matters right on behalf of her team and all honest chess players,” the statement read.

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CNN has reached out to Carlsen and Nakamura for comment.

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