Chase Daniel Defends Justin Fields’ Performance for Bears vs. Chiefs – NBC Sports Chicago

Another week. Another movie collapse.

This time, it comes from former Chicago Bears quarterback Chase Daniel. He tried to analyze Justin Fields’ tape against the Chiefs from the Bears’ 41-10 loss on the road.

Daniel does a great job of pointing out the zero cap that leaders aspire to. They only rushed three men for the most part Sunday, which made it even more embarrassing when Fields took sacks. (Side note: He took three.)

It’s also important to note that the Chiefs had Fields spied on for most of the game as well.

However, from Daniel’s point of view, it boils down to a few things. A significant lack of protection and weak protection plans are at the forefront. Gameplay design is bad across the board. Do not open receivers, drop the ball, or turn it over.

Fields’ errors came from not being able to foul the ball or escape the pocket and not making the correct slot on a few throws. From Daniel’s point of view, Fields’ errors are limited compared to the first two weeks.

Side note: Daniel only looks at the first half of the tape. Fields and the Bears get into the red zone for a field goal and score a touchdown late in the fourth quarter. So, take that as an indication of how strong Fields’ tape was against the Chiefs, although the box score tells you a completely different story.

One of the biggest, if not the most prominent, struggles for Bears fans this season is deciphering blame. Who is responsible for the bears’ treacherous losses? coaches? players? fields?

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So far, this has been a combination of all of these things, culminating in the worst team in football. This week, unlike weeks past, Fields doesn’t appear to shoulder a share of the blame. It looks like the training and supporting cast will take the cake this week.

But with 14 weeks remaining in the regular season, the jury is still far from assigning blame to the majority. But whoever owns it may see changes coming by the end of the season.

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