Celtics expected to sign Kristaps Porcingis to two-year extension[REPORT]

The Celtics officially landed Kristaps Porzingis on a one-year minimum deal via a three-team deal on Friday, but they are reportedly looking to give him a home for a longer period.

according to Mark Stein from SubstackThe Celtics are highly expected to give the Pursings a two-year extension this offseason. Porzingis picked up a $36 million player option for the 2023-24 season Wednesday night before the deadline but Boston will appeal to offer him a two-year extension worth up to $77 million as soon as the first week of July.

Brad Stephens didn’t directly address extension talks when he spoke about the acquisition of Porzingis Thursday night, but he did indicate that the team sees him as a long-term fit.

“We hope so,” Stevens said when asked about Porzingis’ eligibility for extension. “You know, we’ll see how it all works out by itself. But he’s a guy who we think can definitely be a really good player. He’s been a really good player so far and he’s improved a lot. I

“Think to me, that’s the part that really stands out. Sometimes when you’re the fourth pick in the draft and you get all these trophies and all this attention and all these eyes and you’re going through the process of growing up, there are some ups and downs. But it’s at a point where he’s starting to, I think, play.” As best as I’ve ever seen. So we hope so.”

Boston gave up the 35th overall pick and Marcus Smart in a three-team deal to land Porcingis, landing two first-round picks from the Memphis Grizzlies as part of the deal. Boston converted one first-round pick to Jordan Walsh and four future second-round picks on draft night.

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Porcingis is expected to be introduced by the Celtics at a press conference in Boston later next week.

“You’ve heard me talk about our big play, our long play,” Stephens said. “Kristaps can play with any combination of our players. He can play with Rob (Williams), he can play with Al (Horford), he can play as a standalone 5. He’s been getting better and better and better. … He was really good, but he made a move Others. He can play defensively the way we want.”

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