Candace Owens slams ’emotionally disturbed’ Ben Shapiro amid online feud

Candace Owens said her colleague and fellow right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro should feel “embarrassed” amid the couple’s online feud, and accused him of making “personal attacks” on her.

Ms Owens, known for her outspoken views on issues including the Covid vaccine and the Black Lives Matter movement, said: Mr. Shapiro He “threw her under the bus” and also accused him of being “unprofessional” and “emotionally disturbed.”

It comes after a video shared online showed Mr Shapiro speaking at what appeared to be a private event, during which he described Ms Owens’ “false development” on some issues as “disgraceful” and “ridiculous”.

The pair work together at the right-wing news company The Daily Wire. While Mr. Shapiro did not reference anything specific Ms. Owens said or did in the video, his statements came after several posts she made on X.

“No government anywhere has the right to commit genocide at all. There is no justification for genocide. I cannot believe this needs to be said or even considered less controversial,” she wrote on November 3.

Her comments were seen as referring to the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel in the Middle East – although Ms Owens did not specifically mention this.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson in his Tucker On

“I can’t respond to him on an intellectual level because there’s nothing he’s expressed that, at least in that short clip, fundamentally disagrees with him in terms of what I said,” she said.

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“I will say that I wouldn’t respond with the same personal attack – I don’t think it’s conducive to further discussion – and if I were the one caught on video saying that about colleagues I work with, I would be embarrassed.

“So I think the video says more about Ben’s character than it does about my character.”

Ms Owens added that Mr Shapiro – who co-founded the Daily Wire in 2015 – had not contacted her to discuss their differences.

“He and I have a lot of disagreements, so I don’t think that’s particularly interesting… He’s taken virtually every position that was opposite to mine on every issue over the last five years,” she said. “So I don’t think that’s particularly interesting.” “.

“I’m completely open to people who have a difference of opinion. I hope there will always be a civil disagreement between my colleagues, and I never stand up at a table at a private event and talk poorly about Ben.

Ms Owens went on to give the Daily Wire “huge credit” for allowing differing opinions on the network, but added: “I hope you stay respectful, and you don’t throw your colleagues under the bus so to speak.” “.

The dispute continued on Wednesday evening, after Shapiro responded to another post by Ms. Owens on X, in which she quoted Bible verses and wrote: “You cannot serve God and money together.”

“Candace, if you feel that getting money from The Daily Wire is somehow coming between you and God, by all means resign,” Shapiro wrote.

Ms Owens responded: “You have been acting unprofessionally and emotionally disturbed for weeks. And we all had to sit down and allow it and we all tried to practice super understanding of your raw emotions.

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“But you cross a certain line when you come to get the Bible and read it yourself. I will not tolerate that.”

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