Bully Ray has a new enemy in Impact

Bully Ray has made a lot of enemies over the years in Impact. Now, it looks like Bully has a new enemy to fight. The difference is that Bully was not scum on this occasion.

Bully returned to Impact looking to make peace with his past excesses by doing things the right way for once. After winning the Call you shotgunlet, he has his eye on the World Championship of Impact. Bully publicly announce To current hero Josh Alexander there would be no funny business with sneaky cash. The bully will be straight up when he comes up for the title.

The problem is that no one believes Bully because of his treacherous past. Tommy Dreamer is Impact’s only friend, and not even Dreamer fully trusts Bully.

Someone aims to take advantage of this scenario. Last week, Ace Austin was assaulted in a parking lot. culprit still a mystery For now, but fingers are being pointed at Bully. this week wrestling effect Bully saw his end with accusations, and one man in particular getting stuck in his crawl.

The Bullet Club did not buy Bully’s denial. The words intensified. Sorry bully again. When pressed to see who could carry out the attack, Bully Moss suggested. Dreamer tried to make peace and clashed with Chris Bey. A match was held later in the evening. After the Bullet Club exit, Dreamer requested that Bully remain at the back for this match. Dreamer has been losing patience with the drama that comes with Bully’s friendship.

Once the match started, it didn’t take Bully long to get on the scene to balance having Ace on ringside. Just as Dreamer had predicted, the drama Bully followed. Dreamer had momentum for the Superplex when Moose decided to go down the slope and quarrel with Bully. Moose wasn’t happy about Bully dumping him under the bus as a suspect.

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Moose got his payback by tripping over Bey and blaming Bully. This led to fires between Bully and Bullet Club. Bay managed to win anyway by escaping the Death Valley driver to hit the Art of Finesse breaker for the win.

Behind the scenes, Bully lost his temper at not trusting him. The bully threatened violence the next time Moss got involved.

Impact crafts an interesting story about pushing Bully to the breaking point. Dealing with moose will be a test to see where Bully stands. Although Bully wants to do things the right way with Alexander, going down this dark path against Moose could push him over the edge without ever turning back. After tasting his past sinister nature to deal with Moss, Bully may not be able to resist the urge to be bluff when the time comes to cash in on his world title.

Do you think Bully Ray will eventually be a supervisor?

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