Buccaneers vs. Saints score: Tom Brady bluntly blasts Tampa Bay as New Orleans shutout upset

The Buchananers entered their 15th week with at least 30 points from four straight games. Sunday night, they got zero. No enemy has hunted him down since his migration to Tampa Bay like the Tom Brady monks, and that trend continued during the NFC South Enemies’ prime-time remake on Sunday. With coach Sean Baton sidelined by coach-19 and replaced by defensive coordinator Dennis Allen, New Orleans dominated overnight with major bucks injuries – Leonard Bornett, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin all leaving the match on Sunday – for Brady’s third career. A 9-0 win smashed Tampa Payne’s shot in the NFC’s No. 1 seat, shaking up the conference’s wild card betting.

Here are some excerpts from Sunday night’s Saints’ Depression:

Why the Saints won

Security, security, security. Allen was approved as the head coach of the game because his unit owned the night. Play this game against other playoff rivals, and New Orleans may not be spared from its poor attacking performance – Daisy Hill finds no rhythm and Alvin Camara is locked to the ground. But did they come to play when Brady’s side had the ball? With four excuses – two from Cameron Jordan – and a number of other physical games, including Brady’s Killer Strip in the late fight, they looked disgusting in one game, and it was always horrible. In hindsight, taking advantage of the absence of Evans and Godwin, they were so strong that in the end, professional junk-speaker CJ Gardner-Johnson sealed the victory with a poor choice.

Why Bookers lost

Injuries certainly did not help: Fornett, Godwin and Evans were Brady’s top three playmakers, and the trio left and did not return, raising questions about how comfortable Bruce Arians and Byron Leftwich could lean on guys like Ronald Jones and returning Antonio. Brown moves forward. But Brady did not do well in this, throwing several off-target shots into the dirt and sending the ball back down twice. He pressed for obvious reasons, but still, it further proves that he can be resolved if the saints are on the other side. One unit that can’t be blamed too much for this loss is Todd Bowles ’defense, which had no problem blocking the Hill and New Orleans ground game overnight.

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Turning point

The Bucks stumbled aggressively through the night, but they finally seemed to be on the verge of a breakthrough late in the third, when Jones tore back long runs to replace the injured Fornet. Starting on their own 19 runs and advancing to New Orleans’ 24, Bucks continued to cough the ball in Brady’s third and 7th fight as he avoided pressure to find a start, but did not see Jordan coming close. Behind. The Lost Fumble finished any shot at points on that drive and put the Saints in front of good condition.

Game of Thrones

The one who sealed it: Gardner-Johnson came to talk and walk, giggling at the late Brady of the game, and then caught TB12 within three more minutes.

What’s next

The Saints (7-7), now square in the .500 and playoff film, will return home for another prime-time show in the 16th week as they beat the Dolphins (7-7). The Jets had their sixth consecutive victory. Meanwhile, the Buccaneers (10-4) will face Cam Newton and the Panthers (5-9), who lost for the fourth time on Sunday, the day after Christmas.

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