Bruce Willis saluting by John Travolta, Haley Joel Osment – Deadline

From moon light Across Fifth Element, Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, Sixth Sense And the 12 monkeysEveryone has a favourite Bruce Willis Nowadays. Today, as news spreads about his aphasia condition, fans, friends and industry people have taken to the internet world to salute his long career.

some new Interactions The news of his retirement came today, including some of the actors in his most memorable films.

Producer Randall Emmett, who has worked with Willis on more than 20 films:

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“Bruce and I have worked on over 20 movies together. He is an amazing actor, legendary action star, wonderful father and close friend. I support Bruce and his entire family during this difficult time and admire him for his courage in battling this very difficult medical condition. Bruce will always be a part of our family.” “.

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