Brett Goldstein’s reaction to ‘Ted Lasso’ cast on ‘Thor’ Cameo as Hercules

Brett Goldstein He says he was forbidden to tell anyone that he filmed a small movie in “Thor: Love and Thunder”. even him Parents do not know.

However, the actor”Ted Lasso“Co-star Hannah Waddingham told me he asked her what he should do when the offer came to play Hercules in a post-credit scene opposite Russell Crowe as his father Zeus. He told me, ‘He was shown,’ Waddingham said Monday night at Maybourne’s Emmy FYC event in Beverly Hills. I have this thing and I was wondering if I should take it?” “I went, ‘Are you my brain? Do you have a little time?’ He said, “Why?” And I said, “Do you seriously think that you might not play Hercules for three seconds?” “

Waddingham then didn’t hear from her again until “Love and Thunder” was released. She said, “I was like, ‘You bastard bastard! “

Goldstein secretly recalled meeting Thor’s fashion department to get his measurements of Hercules’ armor. “I’ve never had anything that fit me well,” he told me. “Shoes! I have to tell you about the shoes. I have weird big feet, but the shoes were perfect. I wore them and they were perfect from the start. They fit me perfectly.”

Juno Temple laughed when asked when she learned about the casting. “I can’t say,” she said with a smile.

She was amazed when she saw the movie: “You’re like, ‘Hey dude, this is one of my best friends in a big Hollywood movie!'” “It was a genius casting.”

Phil Dunster was also reluctant to reveal when Goldstein told him the big news. “He was always a Hercules to me,” he cracked. “He’s a big boy.”

The “Ted Lasso” team will attend the Emmy FYC event in Beverly Hills on July 18.

Goldstein insists he doesn’t know what the future holds for Hercules, but Dunster hopes Marvel will give him more to do. “He really is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful and curious people you could ever know,” said Dunster. “I’m sure they’d add a lot of depth to Hercules if they were going to do anything with him. It’s funny because Hercules is such a big rude guy and Brett is the guy who laughs with me over fart jokes.”

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There were a few casting rumors that made their way onto social media, but Goldstein refused to confirm anything when co-star Toheeb Jimoh tried to force a spill. “I was watching the movie and I got to the end and I knew if he was in it, it would be at the end, so I secretly taped it,” Jimoh said. “I still have it on my phone right now. I watch it so much it’s unbelievable.”

Jimoh added, “Brett can be hit! Did you see him? The guy is a crazy brown. He has the physique. He has the voice. He has charisma. He has presence and he is a complete hell.”

Jimoh actually hit Goldstein for a part if a Hercules movie was ever made: “I’ll be in that movie!”

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