Bradley Cooper’s “Chair Ban” on set is not unusual among directors

Bradley Cooper

“Chair ban” on set is not unusual…

All great people have rules!!!

Bradley CooperHe’s taken some heat for revealing that he doesn’t allow chairs on his film sets – but as it turns out, he’s not alone… whether it’s seating rules or any other ban.

You may have heard about this… BC conducted a one-on-one interview with the greats Spike Lee For Variety’s “Directors on Directors” series — and right off the bat, Brad said he doesn’t like to sit in big chairs when he’s shooting a movie. He also seems to not allow others to be like that.

As he himself says, he hates chairs on set…feeling they suck the energy out of the actor and out of the room in general. So, he kicks them to the curb – and presumably makes everyone stand up for the most part…or get relegated to apple crates.

He also said that he does not believe in the video village model – where the director watches events from distant screens – and seems to like watching performances up close.

Spike seemed a bit taken aback by his approach – as were the rest of the Christopher Nolan And Zack Snyder.

American actress Anne Hathaway And RDG He claimed that Chris does not make chairs, and Snyder himself says that chairs are not allowed in his sets. So, it’s not as crazy as it sounds… just a choice.

Quentin Tarantinomeanwhile, is famous for exploiting cell phones while the cameras are rolling – and Martin Scorsese It is said that the use of wristwatches as a means of “increasing immersion” is not permitted.

The point here is that a lot of directors have weird little quirks that they should have (or not have). In Brad’s case, he seems to be following in the footsteps of the greats who came before him when it comes to squatting.

Dude should rework the song “Stand and Deliver”…because apparently that’s the way he rolls!

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