Brace yourselves, we have a scary announcement for Pokemon Scarlett and Violet today

It wouldn’t be a typical week as a Nintendo fan these days without announcing more pokemon scarlet and violet The news now isn’t it? Ever to stay on top of the brand, The Pokémon Company announced that more details will be shown today.

After sharing the spooky acronym above – which shows a single trainer feeling intimidated by the fearsome presence of Gengar – the Pokémon Company created Mysterious live broadcast For the day (October 25) in 14:00 GMT / 15:00 CET / 9:00 ESTsimply titled “???”.

While it’s unclear at the moment what the revelations will hold, the close relationship with ghost types makes us guess there might be another ‘revelation coming soon’ this season that’s going to be scary, after all.

We’ll be here to break down everything the ad carries. The last detection It made us focus on Bellibolt, so we hope today brings us another Halloween mania!

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