Body language expert says Kate and William use ‘gestures’ to become more parents ‘raise their hands’

Body language expert says Kate and William use “meant gestures” to become more “hands-off” parents to their older children while George takes on a “protective role” over Louis.

  • They use ‘intentional gestures’, said body language expert Judi James.
  • She said Will and Kate had become more “hands-off” with their older children
  • The three children greeted well-wishers during their annual Christmas tour
  • Jodi compared George’s behavior towards Louis to old clips of Will and Harry
  • She said: “William appeared to be in a caring position for Harry then, just as he is now for Louis.”

A body expert said Kate and William made “purposeful gestures” to become “hands-up” parents with their eldest children, with George playing a “protective role” over his younger brother Louis.

King Charles was joined by the rest of the royal family on the traditional Christmas tour of St Mary Magdalene in Sandringham, Norfolk on Sunday.

It was the first Christmas the royal family has spent without Queen Elizabeth after her death in September.

said Judy James, body language expert woman How the couple made so many “intentional gestures” to show how they are now “uninvolved” parents with their eldest children, George and Charlotte.

The Princess of Wales walks alongside her youngest son, Louis, on their traditional Christmas walk

Seven-year-old Charlotte was “making progress” on her way to church, Judy said.

“George has gone from being a shy-looking boy holding his father’s hand to an older brother watching over four-year-old Louis,” she added.

‘One of the sweetest and most poignant body language signals is the sight of George using touch, chatter and bowing rituals to indicate that he is now in the role of protector and monitor to watch,’ said Judy. Brother Louis.

Cheeky Louis also took charge, as he was filmed going after the family so he could give Charlotte a bouquet of flowers.

He also tugged at Kate’s hand as he got impatient while walking.

Jody explained that while William was reaching out to touch George’s back and leaning toward him, George showed the same disposition to his “playful” younger brother.

She then compared these gestures to old footage of Harry and William growing up.

‘After the footage of young William and Harry growing up together that appeared on Harry’s Netflix show, it seemed like a poignant mirror image of how the siblings’ relationship formed before they grew up and fell apart,’ said Judy.

“William appeared to be in a caring position for Harry then, just as he is now for Louis.”

George walks confidently with his father, the Prince of Wales, to greet well-wishers on Christmas

George walks confidently with his father, the Prince of Wales, to greet well-wishers on Christmas

After Christmas services at St Mary Magdalene Church in Norfolk, the young royals Princess Charlotte, seven, Prince George, nine, and Prince Louis, four, met well-wishers.

After Christmas Mass at St Mary Magdalene Church in Norfolk County, the eldest member of the royal family greeted Charlotte and George well-wishers together while Uys

William will not tolerate others speaking negatively about Prince Harry despite his “anger and sadness” from the Netflix documentary, according to an insider.

As the royals walked to church, a sweet moment of brotherly love was caught on camera as Prince George reached out to guide his younger brother, who is on his first run on Christmas Day.

But Lewis proved to be a natural as he put on a sweet smile for the camera as he entered the church.

The mischievous young prince also picked up a feathered Santa Claus toy from a wannabe, which he carried with him while his mother was talking to a little girl who came out to say hello.

Although they are much older than him, it was only the second time that Prince George, nine, and Princess Charlotte, seven, had attended due to the cancellations of 2020 and 2021 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Prince Louis looked adorable in a black coat and a pair of shorts (traditional for young royal boys up to the age of eight), his older sister Charlotte wore the same burgundy coat in which she appeared at the Christmas Carols Together service broadcast on ITV1 on the day before the night Birth.

On duty at Westminster Abbey, organized by her mother Kate, Charlotte was front and center, laughing at the Dean of Westminster’s anecdote about his cat’s penchant for tinsel and lighting while Hugh Bonneville read an excerpt from Paddington Beer in honor of the late HM Queen Elizabeth.

While welcoming royal fans to the Sandringham estate, the Princess of Wales told an enthusiast that her children have “got a lot of lovely things” this year but a “very early start”.

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