Bills vs. Result.

At the end of the first half of “Sunday Night Football,” the Buffalo Bills continue to emerge as one of the best teams in the NFL. The Bills lead the visiting Green Bay Packers 24-7 at the break.

In fact, Buffalo went by three goals in his first possession, giving Green Bay the opportunity to take the lead early on. But the successful drive into the Buffalo area was halted and the Packers failed to convert the 4th and 3rd from the Bills’ 38-yard line. Then Josh Allen went to work, driving three straight landing engines. The first two ended with Allen touchdown passes, one to Dawson Knox and one to Stefon Diggs. The third concluded with Isaiah Mackenzie performing a jet sweep in the end zone on his own.

In between, the Packers found a way to get the first score in the game – but the way they did it exemplified the difference between the two teams. Green Bay’s recording run took 12 plays and covered 80 yards, with 10 of those plays being played. It took 8:38 of the hour before Romeo pulled Dobbs into the back corner of the end zone…but then the Bills went 80 yards in eight plays in 4:21 to extend their lead to two touchdowns. Green Bay’s final drive stopped in half with less than a minute left, and after the Packers kick, Allen Diggs hit for 53 yards to set up a field goal by Tyler Bass.

Will the Bills retain their lead, or will the Packers make a surprising comeback in the second half? We’ll find out soon enough. In the meantime, keep it closed to our live blog throughout the rest of the evening as we update you with stats, scores and features.

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