Bethesda's Indiana Jones game may finally have a name

Twitter Detective Corakasis He thinks they've discovered the name of Bethesda's next Indiana Jones Video game. Well, it's up there with the howl like “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” And “Dial DestinyAccording to a set of URLs recently registered by rights holder Lucasfilm, it seems likely that this is the name Indiana Jones and the Grand Circle.

Maybe the URL for “The Lovely Triangle” has already been taken?

Until now, nothing at all is known about him The great circle Behind these accidentally discovered details, there is not even a musical genre. We know who last a leak This game was originally supposed to be released in 2022, and from FTC court documents it will be Xbox exclusive. But beyond that, cockroaches.

The Swedish developer is known as MachineGames It has been working on Indiana Jones license For at least three years. It's the team behind the trilogy of the past decade Wolfenstein first person shooter strikes, New system, The new giantAnd Young blood. So the FPS seems likely. The owners of Zenimax (the pharmaceutical name of Bethesda's holding company) have been typically quiet about what this might entail. Naturally, this corporate spider is now owned by Microsoft.

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We will learn more with Xbox Showcase on January 18th, where the game will finally be revealed properly. Naturally, Microsoft and Bethesda were supposedly hoping to wait until then before anyone found out the name of the game. God, what if the whole plan was a name reveal, and there was no actual footage?

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Korakasi's search through Lucasfilm papers revealed not only addresses such as “” and “”, but also A two-year-old European brand Registered in the “Grand Circle”. It's very disappointing to learn that this is for the game, and not for George to launch a new cult.

What the hell is it? Indiana Jones And only worst Titles? This is a series that had cool names like Raiders of the Lost Ark And Temple of Doom! Now we have Decent hexagon Or whatever, because I already forgot. However, there is still good reason to hope that this will be an enjoyable game, given the talent of the team making it, and we should or not Find out a lot more very soon.

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