Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are involved. repeatedly.

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez is engaged.  jpg

I saw the title. These crazy kids are trying it again. (Persons)

Anya Taylor-Joy and boyfriend Malcolm McCray look like they’re in a fashion editorial at Northman Premiere in London. (Lenny gossip)

Chris Rock doesn’t talk about The Slap until he gets paid. (amphitheater)

Prince Charles believes Netflix has permanently damaged his reputation. Yes, dude, it was Netflix that did you, not yours. nailed it. (Celebici)

from Andrew: Let’s all enjoy the glory of the wannabe comedian, and the guy who only escaped a sexual assault charge due to the statute of limitations, T.I. booed on his own show:

Kaylee Wondering why old people are the bad guys so often in horror movies. (/Movie)

from Steven: One of Hugo’s nominees for one of the categories of short fiction is a really good work of social media literature – if that’s a term – called Unknown number. It is an entirely text conversation between two people. Deeply impactful and wonderful. You can read it in full in this thread. (Twitter.)

from Peter: This is a lot more detail than I thought I knew about the guy behind one of my all-time favorite memes. (ABC National Radio)

from Roxana: Uh …

from Claude: The title alone is stunning: “Amtrak is running an empty rail line on Twitch to Beef with freight rail companies.” (vice)

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from Kalina: I am crying. (Twitter)

from Nicole: I didn’t think John Chou could be more attractive. Then I found out he’s an author, someone who’s protesting the ban on books. (THR)

One of the funnest social media is connecting with other authors and creators. Recently, author John Barra was excited to tell people about the Cannonball Read mission, and Jordan Stump found TheIToldYouSos review of three books he’s translated and thanked her for her wise comments. Check out their Fan Mail page for more such interactions. Which authors do you want to hear from? (Cannon reading 14)

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