Behind-the-scenes updates to the WWE version of Sasha Banks and Naomi, what the officials are hoping for, and more

WWE officials are said to be trying to sort things out with Sasha Banks.

As we have noted, Banks and Naomi reportedly dropped out of RAW on the May 16 show, out of frustration with creativity. WWE then stripped them of their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, and announced that the two were suspended indefinitely. It later emerged that they were suspended without pay. Their merchandise has also been recalled throughout the suspension period. There haven’t been many major updates since then, but WrestlingInc’s Raj Jerry, a reliable source, reported on Wednesday, June 15, that Banks’ contract has been released from her contract. No other details were provided, and it was noted that it wasn’t clear if Banks had requested the release, or if this was something of the end of WWE. However, WrestleVotes later confirmed Giri’s report, noting that the word behind the scenes at SmackDown was that Banks had been fired. It was also reported that the lawyers of the banks were working on her release in the period leading up to her release, and they were working on it.

In an update, Jerry Post an update Regarding the status of the banks this week and note that the release of the banks was secured on Friday, 10 June. As to why WWE hasn’t said anything about releasing or removing Banks, the rumor circulating is that the WWE leadership is “trying to smooth it out. Things are over,” likely trying to keep Banks with the company.

It was noted in this new report that Banks’ June 10 release “came from” Erica Schreiber, WWE’s Vice President of Business and Legal for Talent Relations. She is said to be the one who signed the release.

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It was also reported that no one in WWE was saying Banks had not been released, which is unusual several weeks after that. This is in line with an earlier report from June, which said sources in WWE are not denying Banks’ release, only because they have not confirmed it.

On a related note, PWInsider reported earlier today, hours before Giri’s update, that Banks and Naomi were still on WWE’s active internal roster, as of Tuesday morning this week. This report indicated that no change has been made internally to Banks and Naomi’s status since they withdrew from RAW last month, and neither has been formally released. It’s possible that the release hasn’t made it to other sources within WWE as officials are trying to calm things down. Jerry sticks to his source and his original bank report is released.

Banks and Naomi are still on the official WWE SmackDown roster page as of this writing.

After Naomi and Banks were suspended indefinitely and without pay, WWE announced that a tournament would be held to crown the new WWE Tag Team Champions, but there was no update for that tournament either.

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