Behind the scenes news of why Dragon Lee chose WWE over AEW

Dragon Lee has become the latest high-profile free agent to pick among America’s top wrestling companies this week Signed with WWE on AEW. latest version of Wrestling Newsletter It sheds more light on the logic of the Mexican luchador to go with WWE’s well-established take on Tony Khan’s still-growing AEW.

Lee’s decision “came down on the notion that AEW was now so full of talent” that he felt like it would “be lost in the mix” had he signed with the company. The combination of AEW’s large roster and limited TV time each week made the 27-year-old feel, according to WON, that he’d be waiting in line behind stars like the Death Triangle, Rey Fenix, and Penta El Zero Miedo, as well as AEW’s recent signings with Rush and Bandido. Lee announced that he had signed with WWE on Wednesday after winning – then quickly surrendering – the AAA World Tag Team Championship with Dralistico at AAA’s Night of Champions event. Believes , According to Fightfulrevealed that the luchadors would report to the WWE Performance Center in the coming weeks and begin developing the company’s “WWE NXT” brand.

In NXT, Lee reportedly feels like he’s going to get enough TV exposure to start making a real name for himself in the United States after a decorated international career. Lee won titles in Japan and Mexico, as well as the United States, including the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, the CMLL World Lightweight Championship, and the ROH World Television Championship. He has also won the tag team titles in Lucha Libre AAA and ROH.

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