Before we all left WhatsApp because of the Channels feature

From COLlive’s inbox: “Teachers and parents are very concerned about the new Channels feature on WhatsApp, turning it into another social media platform. Simply convincing everyone to leave WhatsApp may not be the ultimate solution to the concerns we face.” Full Story

By Mendel

Teachers and parents are very concerned about the new channels feature on WhatsApp. Essentially, it turns the messaging app into a social media platform, giving users access to everything the internet has to offer…

In the midst of this debate, I think it is important to step back and consider the broader perspective. Simply convincing everyone to leave WhatsApp may not be the ultimate solution to the concerns we face.

Although there are (partly) valid concerns about inappropriate content and spam (partly because WhatsApp content restrictions may not exactly align with our values), it is important to realize that these issues should not affect an ordinary person for a direct reason. Most paid filters have already blocked the Channels feature, and the rest are actively working on implementing this block.

It indicates that Hashem prepares the medicine before the illness before the attack, as is clear in this case as well.

It is known that every fruit, regardless of its level of structure, requires a powerful Internet filter; There are no exceptions to this rule. This is not just my personal opinion. Any honest Rav will confirm that having a candidate is essential, from a halakhic perspective.

Moreover, when we compare an unfiltered device to what these channels offer, the contrast becomes striking. For example, consider the distinction between a movie-specific channel with occasional updates (i.e. random images and captions) and unrestricted access to your entire movie streaming library on an unfiltered device.

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Some may argue that it is different because they already use WhatsApp frequently which makes avoiding it difficult. However, without a filter, the same problem arises with ads, and even if that’s not the case, it becomes easy to access the worst content within seconds.

It is ironic that some individuals who have never had a problem with unfettered access to explicit and harmful content on their devices are suddenly making everyone leave WhatsApp. Let’s take responsibility and do what we should really be doing: clearing our devices.

Some may claim that their current filter does not block channels. Well, maybe it’s time to upgrade your filter? Just as we replace a broken air conditioning filter or upgrade to a new phone when necessary, consider investing in a filter that aligns with your values. TAG offers several cost-effective filtration solutions that address these issues. Moreover, maintaining our values ​​as Frum yidden comes at a cost. We willingly pay for kosher meat without compromising on cost. Let’s prioritize protecting our online experiences, too.

Saying that everyone should leave WhatsApp is like saying that no one should use any websites. Instead let’s use the tools in a protected and safe way. Just as you can use a filtered browser for a lot of good things without any distractions, you can use WhatsApp to your advantage just by having a filtered phone.

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