Beer prices may rise due to the invasion of Ukraine

May it be happy hour less happy.

The prices of many products have increased over the past year, but one product in particular may see a sharp increase due to recent events. While the Russian invasion of Ukraine caused a lot People to boycott Russian vodkaThe conflict may also have an effect on beer drinkers.

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The invasion of Ukraine may slow the export of barley from the region. (istock)

Barley, one of the main ingredients in the beer industry, is mass-produced in Ukraine, WISN reports. The area is often called the “breadbasket of Europe” due to the high amount of grain grown in the area.

Jim McGreevy, president and CEO of the Beer Institute, spoke with the media about the situation.

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Ukraine exports a large proportion of the barley used in the production of beer. (istock)

“Ukraine accounts for about 20% of beer use for barley,” he said. “It’s one of the top five global producers of barley, so breweries, especially globally, will monitor the supply and price of barley.”

However, it is not clear what effect this will have on the price of beer. Reportedly, major breweries, such as Molson Coors, have been able to absorb the higher costs while keeping the price the same for consumers.

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However, some of the smaller breweries have had to make adjustments.

Paul Johnson, a bartender at St. Paul’s Fish Company in Wisconsin, Talk to WISN About how the rising cost of goods affects prices in the pub.

He explained, “Maybe like a fifty-cent glass of beer. Maybe a dollar on demand and stuff like that. But nothing too crazy.”

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