Barack Obama shares his summer playlist

Barack Obama

Barack Obama
picture: PHILIP DAVALI / Ritzau Scanpix / AFP via Getty Images

A former president’s duty is never really fulfilled, especially since those duties are usually limited to “doing nothing” and “appearing when you open your library,” but Barack Obama has bravely continued to work on Annual Summer PlaylistOne of the keys to relative unity we all shared when he was in office. (This is not to be confused with Annual list of his favorite music of the yearwhich is a completely separate list and he also sticks to it himself every year.)

Anyway, Obama put together his own summer playlist, and like all of his playlists, it’s a weird mix of things that definitely seem like something he likes and things that look fishy for a former president (not to mention Baba) in his sixties. But whatever it is, if any of this is less than true, it should rank pretty low on the list of things politicians lied about. So what’s in the playlist? Includes Obama Podcast Partner Bruce Springsteen (And a very popular track for him in it), Prince “Let’s Go Crazy,” and Nina Simon “Do I Move You?” , and Joe Cockers’ “Feelin’ Alright,” Al Green’s “I Can’t Be By Your Side,” and—in one of the most surprising picks we’ve ever seen on one of these Obama lists—”Praise You” by Fatboy Slim. Yes, not only is the person listening to “Thank You” on 20-goddamn-22, but that person is Barack Obama.

Aside from “Praise You,” the list also contains plenty of new songs (newer than Fatboy Slim’s “Praise You”?!), like Beyoncé’s Break My Soul (is Obama hinting he’s quitting his job, whatever that is? he is?), “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” by Harry Styles, and “Angelica” by Wet Leg singer. Also, we have “praise you” Playing in another tab, we have to say: it still hits. Obama was right! Summer song!

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