AXL ROSE calls Vladimir Putin “a cruel, liar, murderous, petite man with outdated ambitions”

Axel Rose criticized the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin and customized guns not flowersJust completed a European tour late fu fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. in Twitter A statement marking the end of the trip, Axl as thanks GN’REuropean fans to show “love and support” to the Ukrainian people, to whom Has risen faithful “Civil war” in shows. Has risen He also praised Ukraine’s “noble and horrific struggle for freedom” and condemned put it inGovernment as an “increasingly totalitarian regime run by a ruthless, liar, murderous little man, with outdated ambitions and no respect for human life.”

Has risen He wrote: “I would like to thank everyone who came to r shows in Europe!! You have been amazing!! We hope you enjoyed and hope to see you again sooner rather than later! I also want to thank everyone in London for being so understanding of r challenges and apologies again to the fans of r in Scotland for having to postpone a performance of r there. Rescheduling or being forced to cancel things that have been done so slightly especially with the audience of r, the scale of the endeavor and everyone from the fans, the cities, the venue, the promoters, the crews and all involved have been taken very seriously.”

He continued, “I would like to thank Carrie Underwood and her team for coming all the way to the UK for r shows at Tottingham!! indeed!!! she’s amazing!! In this case, a real savior!! At least someone can sing!!

“It’s just a simple gesture, it’s embarrassing to deal with the seriousness of something like this but in an effort to pay respect we would like to dedicate this tour to our friend Taylor Hawkins. Taylor He was a really great guy and it was always great to see him! It’s been a great part of always welcoming touring for the past few years! This is a shocking thing and hearts go out to his family, friends, bandmates, and everyone who loves him.

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“I would also like to thank everyone for showing such love and support during the tour to the people of Ukraine and their noble and horrific struggle for freedom against a growing tyrannical regime run by a cruel, liar little man who fought with outdated ambitions and no respect for human life.

“Looking forward to seeing everyone in South America!! See you soon!!!”

A little bit of the guns not flowers Fans who attended the band’s two concerts at London’s Tottenham Hotspur earlier in the month complained of doors opening two hours late and various sound issues during GN’R performances, making it difficult for people in the back of the place to listen Axlsinging. At the second party on July 2, Has risen He told the crowd that he was “having problems” with his voice, forcing him to guns not flowers To play a 19-song track set, omitting basic concert elements such as “november rain”which was done each time GN’R appearing since 2016.

guns not flowersThe European Tour concluded on July 15 in Hannover, Germany. The band will be making a comeback in September in South America.

guns not flowers She launched her much-anticipated and much-anticipated tour with The Club Show in April 2016 in Hollywood and appearances in Las Vegas and at the Coachella Festival in California.

guns not flowersReunion tour featuring members of the classic squad scale downGuitarist, Duff McCagan And the Has risen Powered by guitarist Richard Fortusdrummer Frank Ferrerkeyboard player dizzy reed The second keyboard player Melissa Reese.

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guns not flowers He released a new album of four songs, “Hard School”, in February. voltage, which is limited to guns not flowersThe official store contains two new songs released by the group last year – the title track and “silly” (stylized as “ABSUЯD”) – In addition to the live versions of “do not Cry” And the “you are crazy”.

The band is reportedly now working on a new studio album – the first under guns Banner since 2008 “Chinese democracy” And the first of its kind Has risenAnd the scale down And the Macagan Since 1993.

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