Atlanta Falcons Deion Jones misses off-season workout program

Atlanta Falcons midfielder Dion Jones He will miss the team’s off-season workout program after undergoing a procedure to repair a shoulder injury, coach Arthur Smith told reporters in Georgia on Thursday.

The 27-year-old Jones has been consistent in the middle of the Hawks’ defense since being taken in the second round of the 2016 draft outside of LSU. He’s started all but two of the 85 games he’s played in Atlanta, intercepting 11 passes, collecting 8.5 sacks and scoring five defensive games.

However, his role has come into question recently. Last season, with a new defense under coordinator Dean Pease, Jones moved to linebacker positions after appearing Foy Olukon In the middle of the Atlanta defense.

With Oluokun now in Jacksonville, it wasn’t clear how Jones would be used this season – if he stays in Atlanta at all for 2022.

Jones, who was named to the Pro Bowl in 2017, maxed out more than $20 million for 2022, $9.64 million of his base salary along with a $4 million bonus fully guaranteed, according to ESPN’s list management system. If the Hawks move on from it after June 1, they’ll save $1,067,059 in cover space but take another big hit — which can vary based on whether or not it’s been traded or released.

Atlanta, of course, could choose to keep Jones on the list. Hawks signed back Rashan Evans And Nick Kwiatkowski Off-season and drafted at full-back Troy Andersen Out of Montana in the second round. They have too Michael Walkerwho was the number 3 player on the team last season, is back.

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Falcons was in the process of liquidating its large list of contracts. Atlanta already has more than $63 million in dead money pledged for 2022, including more than $40 million for brokers. Matt Ryan (traded with Indianapolis), $15.5 million for Julio Jones (traded with Tennessee last year) and $4.66 million for Edge Dante Fowlerwhich was cut earlier this season.

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