Atlanta Braves manager Brian Snicker says he hasn’t talked about any business with free agent Freddy Freeman.

VENICE, FL – Atlanta Braves manager Brian Snicker held the court in front of the “2021 World Champions” banner, culminating at times at the nearby Bullpen, where he was the world champion. Charlie Morton Threw a side session. around the corner, Ronald Akuna Jr. And the Christian Bach She was pulled over in matching and shiny gold SUVs and posed for a photo.

“It’s like the first day of school” October Star Tyler Matsik He said.

Top dropouts presented to camps across Florida and Arizona on Sunday for the first official day of spring training after the 99-day shutdown, with notable absences for the Braves: All-Star and 2020 National League MVP Freddy Freeman.

It’s been over a decade since Freeman wasn’t at Camp Atlanta, but he’s remained a free agent.

Snitker sent a text message to Freeman shortly after the firewall prevented the administration from speaking with players at the end of the shutdown on Thursday. He said he wasn’t sure what the first baseman would do and that he didn’t ask. He just wanted to talk to an old friend.

“I haven’t spoken to him since we left the show,” Snicker said. “I just said, ‘Man, I can talk to you now. “

“I was just asking how the family was. There wasn’t any work or work or anything. Just checking in. Let’s face it, he’s going to be a good friend for the rest of my life, no matter what happens professionally.”

Braves come out of business with more uncertainty than most. Acuna was recovering from a ruptured ACL, Morton was back in the pile after breaking his leg in the opening world championships and Mike Soroka He’s progressing after re-rupturing his right Achilles tendon last summer.

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“I’m ready,” Akuna said on his way to the club.

Not quite, but the brave are happy with his progress. The 2018 NL Rookie of the Year suffered a right knee injury at the end of the season last July and missed the October race in Atlanta.

Acuna said he is looking forward to getting back in the game in May. The Braves haven’t announced a schedule yet, but Snitker is encouraged by what he’s hearing and is excited to see Acuna in action when practice begins Monday.

“I know the reports are really good,” Snicker said. “I mean really well. I think he worked his ass off.”

Morton had a plate and several screws surgically placed in his leg after he was hit by a 102-mph comeback in the first game of the world championship — he made another 16 throws after that, saying on Sunday, “It wasn’t until the bones really came apart, as if I felt like I could Already with a bone detachment, that was when I was like, OK.”

The 38-year-old resumed throwing not far off his usual course in the spring, although he wanted to gauge his progress a little more before committing to getting ready for opening day on April 7.

Soroka, the 2019 All-Star, hasn’t played since early 2020 after rupturing his Achilles tendon for the first time. He shredded it last year during rehab.

Snicker said he is progressing well and doctors are encouraging his recovery.

“I know he’s excited to be back here and start this thing again,” Snicker said. “But I know that a year ago today, it might have been.”

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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