Atari’s 2600+ is a miniature console that can power 2600 and 7800 arcade games

Atari is teaming up with Plaion on a new retro home console after finally getting a Mulligan on its latest console. The Atari 2600+ pays homage to the original Atari 2600, which delighted kids in the disco era starting in 1977, though this new version is based on the four-key model from 1980. It plays both Atari 2600 and 7800 games. However, most buyers will want to track down the actual cartridges because the old system, which required them to play, only came with a set of 10 titles that lacked system features such as pac man, Frogger, Space invaders And impasse!

The old console has been “beautifully recreated to the same specifications as the original,” though it’s only 80 percent the size. The console’s “plus” features come in the form of HDMI output and widescreen support. The company says the system has an enlarged cartridge socket to reduce cartridge sticking. The Atari logo also lights up when powered on.

Atari / Billion

The system includes an updated version of the classic Atari CX40 joystick, the CX40+. Although it supports two players, it only contains one stick. (You can order an additional one for $25.) And the company says a new edition of the CX-30 Paddle Controller is on the way, too.

Free games for the system are bundled into the “10 games in 1” cartridge, incl venture, fighting, Dodge ’em, haunted house, Maze madness, Missile Command, The real sports of volleyball, peripheral, Pinball video And Yaris’ revenge. Published by Atari A Complete list of compatible cartridges. Potential buyers may want to consider that hunting for physical games (and possibly paying a premium for some) will be part of the journey.

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If the whole issue sounds familiar, that’s because the maker of the classic video game released the long-awaited Atari VCS just over two years ago. But consumer interest in this model seems to have fallen off a cliff after the company’s initial excitement to stop The legacy console in favor of reorganizing its hardware business with an eye to a “new business strategy”. We can only assume that today we are seeing the fruits of this through our partnership with Plaion.

The Atari 2600+ will be released “worldwide” on November 17th for $130. (An optional second joystick adds another $25 to that.) Starting today, the latest retro mini system is available for pre-order at Atari website.

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