At $3,799, is this 1993 Toyota Corolla “art car” a good deal?

It has been said that art cannot exist in the absence of a response from the beholder. today Good price or no dice The Corolla wagon is dressed in mural art that will surely elicit some kind of response from onlookers. Let’s see if its price will, also.

Do you have a unique talent? One thing you do better than anything else? For the German automaker, that super talent has always been making the 911. Other models come and go, but the 911 is so well-conceived that it’s permanent.

the 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera We looked at Friday like a solid member of that long serving family. He had plenty of miles under his belt and a vinyl wrap covering most of his body. Both of these factors factor into the seller’s asking price of $15,000. Both of them too in external factors Narrow 52 percent price Nice car wins in our vote. By the way, making wise decisions about cars we consider a talent that I think you all possesss.

Speaking of talentToyota has been doing a great job as a car manufacturer in the past few years. The company is vying with Volkswagen for the title of best production car, and it does so while introducing some wild (Corolla GR) and exotic (non-royal) products.

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Of course, Toyota has built its reputation not on its products per se, but on The quality of those products that have been around for the longest time Second to none. The Corolla line has always been fine for example. Not generally exciting or innovative, small sedans, coupes, and wagons have become the backbone of Toyota’s lineup due to their uncompromising value and reliability.

today 1993 Toyota Corolla Wagon He seeks to add some whimsy to the mix, perhaps bringing smiles to the faces of all who see him.

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According to the ad, the seller bought this car for their new sister. That sister’s jobBirth reaction, however, You go out and get a brand new SUV. I don’t know about you, but if I’m a new kid, I’d rather ride in this funky, articulate vehicle than some boring old SUV.

The seller doesn’t say who decided to use this Corolla as a canvas, but the multicolored mural looks eye-catching and professionally designed. The artist’s name is on the rear fender but it’s simple Unreadable advertisement. Hopefully the next owner won’t mind the ad.

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Obviously, this next owner will be the third car. The first of these put over 227,000 miles on the car while the seller, who is the second owner, claims to have only added about 1,200 of the current 229,234 to the car. Full maintenance records throughout Those miles come with the car.

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Apart from the unique paint that never loses in the parking lot, the car is also very well equipped. It’s rare to find a shift lever on a minivan but that’s what this car has. This five-speed manual is paired with a 1.8-liter 7A-FE SOHC inline-four. It is transversely mounted and front-wheel drive, producing 115 horsepower and an equal number of torque.

As one might expect from a Toyota in the 1990s, the seller says this car “doesn’t cause any trouble.” They do note that they have “pre-installed and developed stuff” to keep it that way.

Just like its promised mechanical condition, the cabin appears to be in great shape for its age and miles. The cloth upholstery looks clean and aside from some obvious wear on the steering wheel and shift knob, everything else seems to keep going. The only major gripe here is the bizarre choice Toyota designers made to read the engine temperature and fuel gauges with the same sweep rather than the more aesthetically pleasing counter-sweep. Ah, this will bother me all day.

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Honestly, that’s the only thing annoyingPart of this whole car. The fun paint and body underneath appear to be in good shape and should prove to have plenty of miles left despite the hard workout the odometer has already done. Clean title and the seller gladly hopes we all have a nice day, added to the smile triggers this car brings. Let’s see if the $3,799 price tag is as well.

What do you say, is this art car Corolla worth that much seating? Or is that a lot of money for something that stands out in the crowd?

It’s your decision!

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