Asmongold doubts that Bobby Kotick's departure will change anything at Activision

Shane Black

Asmongold addressed Bobby Kotick's recent departure from Activision during a live stream to share his thoughts on the situation.

Bobby Kotick first became CEO of Activision (formerly Mediagenic) in 1991, serving in that position until the end of last year.

However, the past few years have been mired in controversy, starting in 2021 when California sued the company for creating a culture of sexual harassment.

His departure from the company is being celebrated among gamers, and now Asmongold is sharing his thoughts on the future of Activision and its games.

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Asmongold doubts anything will change after Bobby Kotick leaves Activision

during Recently live streamAsmongold was browsing his subreddit when he came across a tweet from one of World of Warcraft's senior designers, who didn't have kind words for Kotick.

Calling the former CEO a “pathetic ogre,” the designer continued, “Wasted millions you didn't earn from people whose talent and light you will never understand.”

Asmongold responds to Bobby Kotick leaving Activision

Although Asmongold found this tweet funny, he had a response to it about what will happen with Activision – and he's not very optimistic.

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He explained: “The point is, yes, a lot of people are very happy that Bobby Kotick is gone. In my opinion, by the way, I don't think that Bobby Kotick leaving will have any impact on us. As players. I just don't really think so.”

He claimed that Kotick is a “great villain”, as in the perfect person for people to blame in the case of Activision Blizzard games.

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However, Asmongold argued that Kotick most likely had little or no idea how to make the games. He confirms that developers still make their games the same way.

He explained: “The reason people stopped playing games was not because of a sexual harassment suit. “It's because the game was bad.”

Some Asmongold viewers offered a rebuttal that Kotick created the culture that not only allowed harassment, but also created these design processes and ideas.

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Asmongold admitted and agreed with this, while also saying that he hoped he was wrong in his prediction.

Players will have to wait and see what changes – if any – come to Activision with Kotick departing and the company now owned by Microsoft and Xbox.

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