Asia Pacific markets are declining. Oil rises 2% on possible OPEC+ production cut

CNBC Pro: Investment pro says ETFs are a $10 trillion opportunity — and reveals areas of ‘tremendous’ value

Exchange-traded funds offer the advantage of diversification, says John Mayer, chief investment officer of Global X ETFs. He said the ETF market is “steadily growing” and is estimated to be worth around $10 trillion.

Names many opportunities for ETF investors in this volatile market.

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– Xavier Ong

Manufacturers’ confidence in Japan is getting worse

Sentiment for Japan’s top manufacturers worsened in the July-September quarter, according to the latest quarterly survey on business sentiment from the Bank of Japan.

The leading indicator of major manufacturers’ sentiment came in at 8, down from the previous quarter’s reading of 9. Economists polled by Reuters had expected a rise of 11 points.

“Our expectation and market expectation was for the manufacturing reading to go up – supply conditions have improved, I have seen a muted effect on supply from the zero-Covid policies in China, and commodity prices are a bit lower,” said Stefan Anggrek, a senior official. Economist at Moody’s Analytics.

“The fact that the manufacturing side of the economy is not doing well is certainly not good for the outlook,” he told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Asia.”

He added that the non-manufacturing index rose slightly, which may mean that a late recovery of the Covid virus in Japan is underway.

– Abigail Ng

CNBC Pro: Five global stocks see trend of declining globalization, according to HSBC

New research from HSBC says supply chains, geopolitical tensions and deteriorating financial conditions have forced many global companies to turn “significantly” inward in search of resilient revenue and growth.

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In a tough economic environment with recession pressures, the bank said an inward turn “may be beneficial” for these stocks.

The report is entitled “Retreat wave of globalization?” He said foreign sales of European companies fell to less than 50% in 2021, the lowest level in the past five years.

Oil prices jump after reports that OPEC + is considering production cuts

CNBC Pro: Should investors flee stocks? Strategists give their perspective – and reveal how to trade volatility

As monetary policy prepares to tighten further in the coming months, and Wall Street sinks deeper into the abyss of a bear market, many investors are beginning to wonder if it is now time to get out of the stock market and put their money into other asset classes.

CNBC Pro spoke to market watchers and pored over research from investment banks to see what the professionals think.

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– Xavier Ong

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