Ariana Madix is ​​awkwardly trying to avoid cheating Tom Sandoval

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March 4, 2023 | 7:28 p.m

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval, co-stars of “Vanderpump Rules,” had an embarrassing moment Saturday as the shoeless actress desperately tried to avoid a beau who cheated on her at their Los Angeles home.

The derelict gal-pal, 37, is seen rushing out of the house in a hurry evidently having neglected to put on shoes after the errant troupe leader returns from a night of performing with stage makeup still smeared on his face.

Wearing a mismatched gray tracksuit with her pants tucked into her fuzzy stockings, Madix hastily tosses her Ugg slippers and luggage bag into the backseat of her white sedan before coming face to face with Sandoval.

Reality star-turned-singer Sandoval, 39, seemed to be in much better spirits than his ex-wife of nine — he flashed a smile before dragging his packed bags to the Los Angeles home.

The uncomfortable moment comes after Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras was caught cheating on her with her reality show partner, Raquel Leves.

The saddened actress piled slippers and bags into the sedan.
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Ariana Madix was in such a hurry that she apparently neglected to wear shoes.
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Madix found out by looking through Sandoval’s phone.
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The two-timing duo allegedly planned for “weeks” to tell Madix about their months-long relationship. Instead, the grieving star found out on her own by bugging Sandoval’s phone.

The couple split after word got out, with Sandoval allegedly wanting to move on with his ex-lover, 28.

Sandoval arrived home sporting makeup from his performance the night before.
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The singer flashed a smile as his ex-wife froze.
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Sandoval Madix cheated on her co-star Raquel Levis for months.
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“Ariana was devastated by the cheating,” an insider told Page Six, adding that Madix had “no idea there were any issues” in their relationship.

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Sandoval was He was spotted shipping huge bags from the house he shared with Madix despite not having officially moved in.

While Madix has remained largely silent, Sandoval addressed the drama during his concert at City National Grove in Anaheim, Calif., on Friday.

Sandoval has not moved out of the Los Angeles home yet.
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Sandoval briefly addressed the drama of cheating during his Friday performance in Anaheim.
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“Have you ever been one of the most hated people in America?” the 39-year-old asked the audience.

In a TikTok video taken at the party, an audience member can be heard shouting, “Ariana!” prompting Sandoval to reply, “We love it.”

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