Ariana Grande strikes a pose with house song “Yes, What?”

Ariana Grande is living the era of Blonde Ambition with her new single “Yes, And?” The song is the lead single from her upcoming seventh album, which she has been releasing for the past month.

The edgy tune features dance-floor-ready house beats, inspired by Madonna's 1990 hit “Vogue.” In Grande's single, the star points out her critics and reminds everyone to mind their own business. “No, I'm done caring/What you think/No, I won't hide,” she sings in the second chorus. Throughout the song, she tells her listeners that everyone is “healing from someone” and asks people to “don't comment on my body, don't react.”

Over the past few months, Grande has been posting videos and photos on social media of herself in the studio with Max Martin. The duo worked together for the first time on Grande's second album Everything for me.

Grande has not released a single since her 2020 album Attitudes. Since then, she has appeared on two separate remixes of The Weeknd's songs: “Save Your Tears” in 2021 and “Die for You” in 2023. She also appeared on a remix of Mariah Carey's 2010 song “Oh Santa!” alongside Jennifer Hudson in 2020 as well as Demi Lovato's “Met Him Last Night” in 2021.


Recently, Grande filmed a movie evil films; She will play Glinda in both films alongside Cynthia Erivo's Elphaba.

Ahead of the new year, Grande shared a social media post reflecting on her 2023, “one of the most transformative, most challenging, and yet the happiest and most special years of my life.” She added: “There were a lot of beautiful, polarizing emotions. I never felt like I was at the mercy and acceptance of what life was screaming to teach me. I feel more human than ever. I feel more deeply than ever. “I feel softer and stronger, all at the same time.”

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