Antonio Banderas reveals the name of the actor who will pass the torch if a ‘Zorro’ reboot happens – Deadline

Antonio Banderas Famously portrayed the masked vigilante in the 1998 movie mask visit and follow-up in 2005 The legend of Zorro. Banderas recently opened up about being game for the third installment in the franchise and who he’d like to pass the torch to play the titular character.

“Yes, I will consider this possibility, why not?” Banderas said Character book starring in a third movie. “Yeah, I think today, I said something like that to someone. They asked me about Zorro. If they called me to do Zorro, I’d do what Anthony Hopkins did for me, which is pass the torch.”

Banderas said he would like to see his photo Unknown costar Tom Holland behind the mask.

“I did Uncharted with him, and he’s very energetic and fun, and he has that spark as well,” Banderas said. “why not?”

In 2016, director Jonas Cuarón announced that he was Working on rebooting Zorro Starring Gael García Bernal.

Although there are no concrete plans to bring Zorro back in his Banderas iteration as of now, the character has been at the center of several TV projects. earlier this year, The CW has ordered six scripts for a female lead Reimagine the story. The classic masked vigilante character hails from director Robert Rodriguez, writer-director Rebecca Rodriguez, Sean Trita (Mayan MC), Ben Silverman and Howard T Owens Propaganda and CBS Studios.

Wilmer Valderrama also teased a new show he’s been working on for Disney+ The Drew Barrymore Show In May of this year, “This will be Zorro for this generation. It will be incredibly thoughtful with its origin story, and it will be grounded in authenticity.”

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