Anna Delphi virtually appears in her New York City art gallery from a federal prison

Anna Delphi returned to the Manhattan art scene Thursday night – almost – as the fake heiress in federal custody is still struggling to try to get her deported to Germany.

Delphi, whose real name is Anna Sorokin, addressed her patrons via video clip during her one-night art exhibition at the Public Hotel in Nolita, according to The Sun.

The gallery, titled Allegedly, displays art she made while in detention by US customs and immigration enforcement.

The former con artist and current artist spent nearly four years in prison for complaining about friends and Business all over New York out of $275,000 by pretending to be someone else.

The 31-year-old actress on the Netflix drama remains in ICE custody in upstate Orange County as lawyers appeal to her She was deported back to Germany.

“Hello everyone, Anna Delphi is here,” her appearance on the video is reported to have begun.

“I am very excited to unveil my first ever art collection titled ‘Allegedly.’ This is a set of drawings that I created while at ICE Orange County Detention,” the social activist explained in her uneasy European accent.

The fake heiress presents The Delvey Crimes.
Instagram / theannadelvey

“I studied fashion management in Paris and didn’t really paint until my trial.

“I’ve heard a lot of voices already, but this is the beginning of my story, my narrative from my point of view.

“I hope you guys enjoy the show.”

Anna Delphi
Each piece of art costs $10,000.
Instagram / theannadelvey
Anna Delphi
Delphi considers her pieces bare.
Instagram / theannadelvey
Anna Delphi
The Soho grifter claims to have studied fashion management in Paris, where she often painted.
Instagram / theannadelvey

The event included an open bar and a special cocktail dubbed “Anna on Ice,” according to the report.

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It’s SoHo’s infamous second foray into the downtown art scene after it showed “Free Anna” in March in a pop-up on the Lower East Side, which featured its own prison art.

“I wanted to capture some moments of years past, both unprecedented and special, with the limited tools at my disposal,” I told the sixth page earlier this week.

“Some pieces are clear, others are more abstract and will be unique in meaning and appearance to the observer.”

Her 9 x 12 sketches They cost about $10,000 eachHer art salesman Chris Martin told her.

“A lot of times the artwork is more than just a visual element, but the story behind it is what people really buy,” Martin told Page Six. “If you look at her drawings, she has a legitimate talent.”

Delvey sold the rights to her fraudulent story to Netflix series “Inventing Anna” for $320,000.

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