An investment banker is suspended after an alleged drunken attack on an MTA worker

The alleged drunken banker accused Hit MTA Agent The company said Sunday that his Manhattan investment firm has decommissioned a subway station in Brooklyn.

The firm said Jean-François Coste, 53, had been hired by Tocqueville Asset Management, the Midtown investment firm where he worked for nearly 15 years, after the early Friday morning assault of MTA worker Tanya McRae at a subway station. Coney Island.

“Mr. Coast is suspended from employment with the Company with immediate effect,” the company said in a statement. “Tocqueville Asset Management does not fully tolerate violent behavior and, pending further investigation, will take any action necessary.”

A spokesman for Tocqueville did not say whether Coste was arrested with or without pay.

Coast was reportedly drunk at a Stillwell Avenue station around 12:15 a.m. when he allegedly struck McCrae as she arrived at work, according to police.

Police said investment banker Jean-Francois Coste was intoxicated when he allegedly struck an MTA worker at a Coney Island station.

Cops said McCrae confronted Coast when the drunken banker tried to gain access to a staff-only area of ​​the station, with a financial operator punching her twice in the face when she refused to let him in.

Police said the MTA fighter also fought her attacker with her lunch bag, which had a thermos inside, causing scratches and a black eye to Kost.

Authorities said Coast took off after the attack but was surrounded and arrested by transit workers.

He was charged with assault, harassment and intimidation and was released without bail.

Tanya McRae, MTA Agent.
Police said MTA worker Tanya Macrae was beaten by banker Jean-Francois Coste but fought back, leaving the financial analyst with a black eye.
Facebook/Tanya Hinton McCrae

The Legal Aid Society, which represented Coast in his arraignment Friday, said he has since appointed a private attorney.

The suspect was holed up in Borum Hill, Brooklyn, brownstone on Sunday.

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A Local 100 spokesperson from the transport workers union said McRae had just left the “crew room” at the station when she spotted Coast trying to enter a restricted area.

“It’s not a public area,” the spokesperson said. “It appears he was drunk. She pushed the door until it clicked shut, and he punched her in the face at least twice.”

According to his LinkedIn profile, Coste has been with Tocqueville since February 2008, and is currently employed by the company as a senior equity analyst.

Jean Francois Coste
Banker Jean-Francois Coste has been suspended by the Manhattan investment firm of Tocqueville Asset Management after he was arrested on assault charges.
Tocqueville Asset Management LP

He graduated from Northeastern University in Boston in 1993 and previously held an MBA in Finance from NEUMA Business School in France.

Coste’s profile has been deleted from the Tocqueville company’s website since the attack, and he has made his Instagram and Facebook accounts private.

He is scheduled to return to the Brooklyn courthouse on March 1.

Additional reporting by Kyle Schnitzer

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