An expanded look at the Paper Girls in a new Prime Video trailer

The Paper Girls encounter a mysterious pink mist.

screenshot: Prime Video/Youtube

Here’s a new trailer with an extended look at the critically acclaimed graphic novel quote. paper girls From Prime video. Brian K. Vaughan (long story) Cliff Chiang You may have created a bike crew-Ride the paper girls who enter time-travel hustle –But The more and more we see the cast bring them to life, Whenever we think that they are only be Personalities.

The series stars Riley Lay Nellet as Erin Tang, Sophia Rosinsky as MacQuayle, Camryn Jones as Tiffany Quilkin, and Fina Strazza as KJ Brandman—Who appear from everything we’ve seen so far to simply be perfect. See more parts of80s-Courageous era makes us more convinced They have been excluded from their time and have fallen into our time. Check out the latest trailer below,Which gives us a closer look at those bot bugs that were launched:

Paper Girls – Official Trailer | Prime video

It’s so cool to finally see more of the two warring time travel factions on the hunt for the girls in 2019. We think we get to know the unmistakable voice and hair as Jason Manzukas plays the leader of the Old Timers, the inspiration for the selection – we reInterested in seeing some of my favorite comics in this sci-fi world. Also, forBefore Ali Wong can re-imagine an older Eren, who the girls run into for help, in a way that is more fully aware than in the comics. And it looks like we’re also seeing additional expansions beyond the first volume of the TV show’s comics, which looks set to bring other adult versions of the characters into the story soon.

paper girls Weekly broadcasts begin July 29 on Prime Video; IIn the meantime , Check out our primer on the series All you need to know about paper girls.

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