Amidst a scorching heat wave, a freak storm hits the Californian city

Amid record temperatures Bay area And during this time the state lasted heat wave, A stretch of truly wild weather hit one part of Southern California on Sunday.

Santa Clarita, a city about 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles, was hit by thunderstorms, thunderstorms and 60 mph winds Sunday afternoon in a 110-degree scorching afternoon.

A Santa Clarita resident’s video captured the intensity of the storm, which showed his backyard being washed away by wind-driven rain that toppled his patio furniture and blew into his swimming pool.

StormWatch’s Colin McCarthy retweeted the video, writing, “Santa Clarita, after hitting 110F this afternoon, experienced severe thunderstorms with 60 mph winds, hail, heavy rain and frequent lightning. Incredible swing in SoCal.”

Milo Wakefield, a student at Cal Arts, He told KABC television The storm “came out of nowhere,” beginning with thunder and lightning, and soon followed by howling winds and sideways rain.

All of this happened when the Santa Clarita temperature was over 100 degrees.

Temperatures are forecast to soar across the state on Monday, with many spots reaching or above 110 degrees as the heat wave continues. In the Bay Area, Livermore is forecast to hit 114 degrees, the same as Sacramento.

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Death Valley is the hottest place in the state, with temperatures forecast to reach 122 degrees on Monday. Sokal monument It hit 127 degrees last weekIt set a record for the hottest temperature anywhere on the planet.

But Some scientists argue that That number may not be entirely accurate. This is after a month Monsoon Parts of Death Valley were flooded and many roads were damaged. While many such temperatures are alarmingly high, Others see them as a photo collection.

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