American Idol winner Iam Tonji has to apologize for being ‘disrespectful’

  • Tonji took the stage at the 2023 MLB Home Run Derby at T-Mobile Park in Seattle on Monday wearing a baseball cap.
  • The 18-year-old singer issued an apology through his social media channels

American Idol winner Iam Tongi has had to apologize after he kept his baseball cap while singing the national anthem.

The error occurred when the 18-year-old singer took to the field in the 2023 MLB Home Run Derby at T-Mobile Park in Seattle on Monday.

First try singing the national anthem. So tense that she was in front of a huge crowd.

“Apologies for being so nervous and I forgot to take my hat off,” Tonji wrote on his YouTube channel.

Tunji revealed that his uncle asked him to take off his hat but he immediately forgot in front of the audience.

The error occurred when Tongi took to the field in the 2023 MLB Home Run Derby at T-Mobile Park in Seattle on Monday
A star in the making: Iam dazzled audiences with his incredible talent and singing skills on American Idol

Tens of thousands of people. I go out and my uncle reminds me to take my hat off before I start singing. I remember, ”the young artist wrote on Twitter.

A few seconds later, she got on the nerves and didn’t remember until everything was done. I’ll try to do better next time.”

Fans expressed their support for the artist in the comments, with one writing: “Great job playing our national anthem!” Most of us would be stunned by this task. We took no offense, and thanks for teaching everyone how to be honest! ‘

Another wrote: “You nailed it. Don’t worry, you made America proud.”

A third added: ‘You did an amazing job, and it brought tears to my eyes. I can see the pride I take in singing the national anthem. It took as much audacity to realize that you had forgotten about it and to admit it as it did to stand in front of all these people and sing along. god bless!’

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Other users were less forgiving and said the move seemed “disrespectful”.

The controversy is no stranger to Tonji, it began when he won the latest series of the popular talent show.

Fans were divided by the outcome, with some accusing the reality show of manipulation.

Some viewers felt the teen deserved the title, but others thought runner-up Coleen should have won instead – and accused American Idol of “rigging” the results in Iam’s favor.

The eighteen-year-old singer posted an apology on Twitter with a video of his performance

The grand finale: The Hawaiian-born singer was crowned American Idol winner on May 21
Harsh allegations: Viewers divided over Iam’s win and some fans have accused the show of ‘manipulation’
2nd place: Coleen Staff and Megan Danielle are finalists of the 21st season

The teen singer has responded to claims he was chosen because of sympathy rather than talent, explaining EXCLUSIVELY to that he doesn’t mind the negative attention — in fact, he insisted he “loves it.”

A lot of people say, “Colin Staff got mugged” or whatever. “I just love it,” he said.

Iam explained that his father, Rodney Tonji – who passed away in 2021 – helped prepare him for the bitter backlash he would endure if he made it into the spotlight.

My dad always told me your music isn’t for everyone. There will be people who won’t like it and that’s okay, that’s normal.”

Everyone has their own opinions. Everyone should think what they think. So that’s okay.

He said his way of dealing with haters online is to kill them with kindness, so he tends to “like” some hateful posts.

‘I just love [them]Whatever they say, because you know, [I gotta] Let these things happen, he said.

I’m guilty because I love it. but look, [my] Music is not for everyone. And I have to learn that the hard way.

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Iam, who is of Tongan and Samoan descent, made history when he won the 21st season of American Idol on Sunday — becoming the first person from Hawaii to come in first.

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